Final Project Video 2

Serene Bee Video created by Ema Corujo

About this Project

The second video I did was on my mother’s second business, Serene Bee Bakery. For accessibility, I created captions for those with hearing impairment of any kind. I also adjusted the volume of the background music and my voiceover so neither were overpowered.

For the background music, I used the website Pixaby. Pixaby allows for free use of music, attribution not required, but appreciated. I used the song “Once in Paris” by Pumpupthemind.

All of the information that was included is accurate. Considering my mother is the owner, I received everything from her firsthand account. More information can be located at the Serene Bee Bakery website.

All of the content posted to this website is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. You are free to share and adapt, however attribution is required.


Serene Bee Bakery is the second step in Cecilia Corujo’s business journey and pushes her one step closer to her dream of building an orphanage. The bakery is currently run out of her first business, Persnickety Crane Cafe. 

She plans to open a storefront on the other side of Persnickety for a more in person experience. Right now, customers are able to place orders through the Serene Bee website then pick up the order through the Persnickety storefront. 

Located in the back of Persnickety is the bakery where all the amazing and delicious pastries are created. The Serene Bee Bakery menu can be found online and at the counter of Persnickety. 

While Serene Bee is just starting out, they are planning for it to go a very long way. Thanks for watching!

Final Project Video 1

Persnickety Crane Cafe Video created by Ema Corujo

About this Project

For my Digital Studies Final Project, I created two videos on my mother’s two businesses. The first video, which is linked above, is on her first business, Persnickety Crane Cafe. For the accessibility aspect of this project, I wrote in my captions for those that are hearing impaired. I also made sure that the background music did not overpower the video so it works cohesively with my voiceover.

For the background music, I used the website Pixaby. Pixaby allows for free use of music, attribution not required, but appreciated. I used the song “Once in Paris” by Pumpupthemind.

All of the information I used is accurate. Considering my mother is the owner, I received all the information from her firsthand. However, more information can be accessed through the Persnickety Crane Cafe website.

All of the content posted to this website is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. You are free to share and adapt, however attribution is required.


Persnickety Crane Cafe is a cozy, local cafe and coffee house located in Yorktown, Virginia. The owner is Cecilia Corujo and this is her first business which she opened in December of 2019. 

This coffee shop has grown so much over the years, originally only one side was available, allowing only 40 seats. After the expansion in July 2021 and bumping out the wall, opening up the other side, the cafe now seats 75, with sections for take-out customers to stand. The cafe offers a game section with various kinds of board games, an amazing kids area allowing parents to relax while their kids play, and a used book section so customers can have a relaxing morning with coffee and a book.

Persnickety partnered with another local coffee shop to roast their very own coffee bean blend called Oasis. The cafe also offers other blends and single origins from Blanchards Roastery to supply a diverse variety of options for customers. Persnickety crafts every drink with care and precision to ensure the best customer experience.

The owner, Cecilia’s, mission for her businesses is to build up a series of businesses that will eventually fund her life-long dream of building an orphanage for children in war-torn countries. Persnickety is only the beginning of that journey.

Final Project: Crochet with Katy


To make my website and my videos accessible, I included alt text for all images on my site, manually edited my video captions to make sure they were accurate, and included a transcript for my videos in the posts on my site. I also included headings to make the structure of my posts more accessible, and made sure all my links were attached to descriptive text.

Media Credit

I gave credit to the creators of the music I included in my videos and the websites the music was posted on by accrediting them in posts on my site. I also included the music credits in my video descriptions on YouTube.

Information Accuracy

The information I included in my video is mostly just my personal preferences and basic information about how to crochet. There’s no right or wrong way to crochet, and I know that some people have different techniques, so I presented the information in my video just as my suggestions.


My work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. I want people to be able to share and modify my work if they want, just as long as they give me credit as the original creator, and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Link to Website

My website is called Crochet with Katy, you can find it at I might update it with more videos later!

Final Project

Exercise Essentials Website

For my final project I continued my previous project and made it into a two part series. I also created a new subdomain called Exercise Essentials. I made a video about a basic lower body lift, exercises, and what muscles they target. I used my iPhone 11 to record the video clips, and I used the audio kit from the HCC to record my audio. I made my content accessible by adding alt text to my images and adding closed captions to both of my videos. On my website I created my license, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. This ensures people must give me proper attribution if they use my work. I credited the media I used in each video and on my website. I linked all of my media sources and information sources on my website.

Final Project

Final Project Podcast

When I was creating my final project podcast podcast I wanted to make sure my podcast was accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. I made sure I had closed captions, and that my images had alt text. I also made sure that I gave credit to all the audio and images I used in my podcast. I used the University of Mary Washington website to make sure my information that I used in my podcast was accurate. When it came to licensing my work I used “All Rights Reserved” on my website, so I can own all the rights to my work.

The End.

My final project changed a little in that I built a whole new website using the site builder Wix. I had used that platform before to write a blog that my family could read while I was living alone in the Netherlands. Now, I’ve created an online portfolio of my education, experiences, skills, and some of my photography for fun.

On all of the pictures I included, I added alt text, but all of the pictures on the website are ones I took so I didn’t need to give credit to anyone. I ended up using “All rights reserved” for my licensing. Since the information on the website is all my own, I’m mostly sure my information is accurate.

Feel free to check out the finished product, and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy it, and this ends my time in Digital Studies 101.

Ty travels episode two coming soon….

For my class final project we had quite a few options to finish our domains. One of the options was continuing one of the series we started on the DGST domain. I decided to add on another episode of Ty travels. I loved telling you about five things you should do in Berlin. I want to tel you about the 5 things to do in Amsterdam, even tho I was it was not my favorite place to visit.

Be on the lookout because the episode will be out very soon and be accessible to everyone!

Using Data to Make a Chart!

This week we learned how to make a charts out of data in excel. We were told to pick any of the UMW grade distributions and then create a chart. After we’re supposed to curate a question that the chart can be used to answer. Don’t mind the top image heading saying “fall 2020”, it’s the right link( school must’ve made a mistake). The way all the downloads look, it seems like the chart titles are labeled one year behind what the data is supposed to be. I chose to make a chart about all the A+ of this certain semester.

Picture of the data that I chose from the umw grades distribution site. I chose the fall of 2020 undergrad grades.
Graph including allof the A's + per course in the spring of 2021.

So what question could you answer with this chart?

The question that I created with this graph is “which course has the highest amount of A over 93%?”. This might not be “which is the easiest class?” because even tho math is really low, it might have a small of amount of people taking the class, so the amount of A+’s is limited.. etc…

How did you achieve this graph?

I copy and pasted the Course letters and then the total number of A’s. But I did about an A-‘s (so basically the graph would only show people who got over a 93%).Then I pasted below the Pre-made chart.Highlighted the new data column that I pasted ,then I clicked insert,I then hovered over chart and chose the 2d column/ clustered column. Don’t use total because I made that mistake and it created an outlier that was a lot bigger than the others. You then have your now graphed data.

For more information and practice making your own graph visit the UMW grade distribution website…..

Final Project

The Idea

For my final project, I decided to create an entirely new subdomain focused on parks around VA. The first park located in Fredericksburg was showcased on this subdomain. However, I hope for my final, I can add another scenic park located in Richmond. The subdomain is already up and running with its first post and can be found under the name VApark.SRDspeaks.

My Story With Data

How Covid Affected Learning

I was curious on the effects that covid had on student learning. So, I took the total failures from Fall 2019 (before covid) and Fall 2020 (during covid). The graphs below show a clear increase in the amount of failures in 2020. Remote learning was rough on everybody. My first semester at UMW was Fall 2020 and it was filled with stress from both students and professors. I expected the results that I found.

Graph showing the number of failures in each department in Fall 2019
Graph showing the number of failures in each department in Fall 2020

I can’t find the option for alt text and it’s almost midnight so I can’t keep looking

Process of working with data

My data for 2019 was relatively easy to work with as only the fall semester was in there due to covid. Just had to take off the graduate classes and the outlier courses. With 2020 I had to delete a lot more semesters before cleaning the data. After cleaning the data the pivot table process was the same as in class. I made them different colors to easily differentiate the two.