The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

What is it?

The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition, also know as the FNC, are a group of community members that are located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The main focus of the FNC is to help improve the city of Fredericksburg while maintaining its livable environment and historic personality. The FNC community members look to tackle problems in Fredericksburg relating to economic development, transportation, and housing. Recently, the FNC has been battling an influx of ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) in the area, which is what we’ll examine today.

Is this website trustworthy?

From an outside perspective, not really. While the site is oddly put together, it is a bit easy to navigate around. The information on this website seems legit, but how this site is put together as a whole makes it seem very unprofessional and lackluster. However, despite the minor flaws it might have, this website does show signs of some trustworthiness. This is due to two credible sources, The Free Lance Star and

Evaluation of sources

Community Group Alleges City Council Hiding ADU Agenda

In this article by, it discusses the problems that the city of Fredericksburg is facing with ADUs. The article gave a brief rundown on what is an ADU, then discussing the economical and housing issues that Fredericksburg faces with an increase of ADUs. In this article they talk about the FNC which, helps give the FNC website some credibility. At the end of this article it attached a link to the FNC website, giving the FNC website credibility.

Proposed ADU ordinance fails in City Council

In this article by The Free-Lance Star, it talks about how a proposed ordinance, focusing on the establishment of ADUs, has failed to reach a vote for a second read through. The article then discusses how this proposed ordinance was formed by the FNC and what their position is on ADUs. Throughout this article, The Free-Lance Star mentions the FNC website, linking the website near the beginning of the article. This article also discusses the FNC first read through of their proposed ordinance and statistical information about the effects of ADUs

Who Is The Internet For?

While we want to say that the internet is for everyone, there are two major factors that must be met in order for the internet to be open. The first factor is openness while the second factor is accessibility. In todays post, we’ll go over what it means to be open and accessible on the internet. We’ll also focus on why it’s important to meet these two factors while also looking at how well the internet has adapted to these two factors over time.



Openness allows:

  • Easy access and communication with others
  • Can create something new with others
  • Allows others to take a peek at your creative process


How to be open:

  • Making your work and information public
  • Communicate and share ideas with others



Easy accessibility allows:

  • A website that can be easily used and understood by all
  • Avoidance of major lawsuits
  • Aiding those who have a disability


How to achieve accessibility:

  • Closed captions
  • Text to Speech reader
  • Online translator

If you want more information about how to achieve accessibility on the web, visit this guide on the ADA website

picture shows a pleasant grass hill with a small mountain off in the distance. Above the grass hill is a  blue, semi cloudy sky. In the foreground of the image is the Windows xp logo. This logo  consists of an orange square in the top left corner, green in top right corner, blue in the bottom left, and yellow in the bottom right. Image is used to represent the beginnings of the internet and web.


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