The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

A Fredericksburg neighborhood on the left and text describing this on the right.

What is it?

The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is an organization that is made up of neighborhood associations, homeowners associations and other various members. They were recently founded when the city proposed adding accessory dwelling units (otherwise known as ADU) to homes within Fredericksburg. As a group, they state that “they strive to promote policies and activities that improves the quality of life for Fredericksburg residents while preserving the city’s character and livability.”


Hyperbole tells the background story to why the coalition got formed. They explain the issue of ADU’s and give us more insight on what exactly they are. They also explain efforts that have been taken by the coalition, including educating neighbors, making public comments and even contacting members on the Planning Commission and City Council.

The Free Lance Star gives a lot of information about why and how ADU’s can harm the Fredericksburg living community. They do a good job defining and explaining the background information on this issue. Something different this source had was more first hand accounts of those against the ADU’s. They also give statistics comparing the growth rate to other highly populated cities.

Is It Trustworthy?

It is hard to define a website such as this as “trustworthy”. From what I gathered from the other sources, they seem to be a legitimate organization. I still feel I do not have enough history of the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition. Their site goes into their purpose, but not really much on them as an organization. Hyperbole might not be the best source for evaluation of this as well. Overall, I think that they are a real group, but I would like to find out more about them.


Fredericksburg Coalition Page


The Free Lance Star

Who is the internet for?

Today we are going to talk about my exploration of openness and accessibility on the web. We are going to dive into why and how the internet is open and accessible to many, if not all!



  • Makes it easy for all users of the internet to use
  • Helps to make the world better with giving out “true and honest” content


  • They do this through making ones content available to access and change
  • Easy for all to look at and view



  • Making the internet accessible to all highly increases ones interaction on their website
  • It helps those who are disabled use the internet along with the abled body community as well


  • Using closed captions
  • Audio descriptions of text
  • Clear, easy to look at images

Here is a link to Internet Society that talks about why an open Internet matters. They talk more about why this is so important to make the internet open and accessible to all!

The main text in the image is in the center saying web accessibility and their are a bunch of icons that have to do with the web surrounding the text.

Gracie Iezzi

I was born and raised in Chesterfield, Virginia. I am majoring in psychology and plan to graduate in spring 2025. I like to give back to the community, spend time with friends and family, and second hand shop.