Who is the internet for?

The internet is for the anyone in the world to use. This website is going to explain to you the importance of internet accessibility.


Openness can be defined as reachable by the general public and does is not limited to just one person. This can benefit many people.


The information your sites may be very helpful to someone that you are not familiar with. Also you could appreciate collaborations.


You can enable openers by making your site. Another way you can excessive openness is by allowing anyone to make an account and share the content.


Accessibility is about making things usable and universally open to all more than just the majority. Something with low accessibility might have very few accommodations for people with impairments, while websites with high accessibility will have many accommodations for people with impairments.


The reason we need accessibility is because people with impairments deserve to experience the World Wide Web like everyone else. The more you make something accessible, the more people you can reach.


You can make things more accessible by adding things like “click to speak”, descriptive alt text for pictures or even Spanish versions of your website.

Find more information about accessibility on the WAI website.

Three friends sitting around a table at a campground sharing a beer. one of the friends is in a wheel chair.

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