Who is the internet for?

Why is openness and Accessibility important and who does it affect?



Allowing your website to be open means to allow content to be reused, replicated, and improved upon. This not only serves to make the internet a better place, but it also supports collaboration between unlike people.


You can contribute to this by showing what you know. This is very obvious on websites such as Youtube and Tik Tok where people make videos showcasing how to videos.

A brown Yorkshire terrier laying on his back in a green patch of grass.
My dog Nyke



Accessibility is the ability to be reached or entered. The world is shifting to a very digitally dependent state. We need the internet to do things such as paying bills, talking to family far away, buying from businesses that aren’t local, researching information we need to know before making big decisions, and more. An entire group of people are left out of being able to use these features when websites aren’t easily used by all. Here is a link on the most accessible websites on the internet that we could aspire to be like.


A few ways we can make websites more accessible are to use colors that are easy to read such as black words on a white background, Using proper Alt Text for photos and diagrams, and using headings and subheadings correctly.

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