Who is the internet for?

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The internet should be for everyone, but the truth of the matter is, it isn’t.


Openness can be defined as a lack of restriction.

Why might we want to make “open” content?

One reason we should make content “open” is to allow the sharing of knowledge. By doing so, everyone can benefit by learning more, come up with their own ideas, and share that knowledge. What’s great about this is it creates a chain of invention that betters everyone in ways we don’t even know yet.

How can we do it?

Content can be made open in many ways, but the simplest way is just to publish it on the internet through other websites like WordPress. Make sure to include accessibility features so that anyone can access it, and if you really want content to be open, there are ways you can make your content available to be edited or added onto. This allows for more collaboration on a creative level.


Accessibility can be defined as the quality of being able to be reached.

Why might we want to make accessible content?

Content should be accessible for a couple reasons. Two reasons would be to stay out of legal trouble and to gain business through users that wouldn’t be able to access your products otherwise. However, one of the most important reasons would be because it’s morally the right thing to do. Accessibility is equality, in a way, so making content accessible is making it able to be reached by anyone, regardless of ability or disability.

An additional reason for why we should make accessible content is the “curb-cut effect,” where by fixing one problem can actually lead to the prevention or fixing of other problems.

How can we do it?

Content can be made accessible by making use of features like alternative text for images where you can describe what the image is for people with low vision. There’s also features like headings that, when used properly, can help someone find what they’re looking for on a webpage without having to read the whole thing.

There’s a YouTuber, Molly Burke, that I really enjoy watching. She posts a lot of videos about her life and what she’s passionate about like makeup and fashion, and while I have no interest in either of those things, I still watch them because there’s almost always an educational portion of each one. Molly has been blind for most of her life, and she has been an advocate for the disabled community for years, so in a lot of her videos, she will talk about how we can create a more accessible world for everyone. One of my favorite videos to share with people is “5 Ways YOU Can Make the World More Accessible!” I highly suggest watching and sharing it with friends and family and anyone else that’s willing to learn more.

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