A Horde Approaches!

A horde of zombies overwhelming a baseball field.
Generated by Max via Bing Chat. Prompt: “create a college baseball field being swarmed by zombies”

You have geared up with padding and basketballs and set up a secure barricade of soccer nets. You have also found a catcher’s glove, but nothing else. You clutch your basketball and glove tightly. You and the other students are waiting behind the barricade in anticipation, ready to defend yourselves, or die trying.


It grows louder with each second. Finally, the source of the noise reveals itself. In the distance, you see a massive horde of zombies quickly approaching across the Battlefield Athletic Complex. There are hundreds – more than you are prepared to take on. And they look hungry.

What do you do?

  1. Stay and fight. The rugby team is here, and they look pretty tough. You feel confident that together, you might be able to hold your ground.
  2. Flee to Jepson. There’s no way you can take down a horde of this size. It’s not too late to run. Maybe science is the way, not violence.