Who is the internet for?

The World Wide Web is for all to enjoy and gain knowledge from. As the World Wide Web becomes more important in human development, accessibility has become a fundamental human right. Accessibility and openness facilitate our lives, our liberty, and our pursuit of happiness.

The image shows a beautiful Bavarian Lake located south of Munich Germany. The jade-colored water of the lake stands in stark contrast bright green trees and the dramatic clouds.

Lake Tegernsee in southern Bavaria. All should have access to enjoyment and knowledge.



  • Openness allows all World Wide Web users to access pages/documents and share their knowledge. Something that is “open” allows for work in progress to be shared and enables others to create a better product.
  • The benefits of openness include better communication and collaboration. The ubiquity of the World Wide Web creates decentralized information that is shared by default with other users, facilitating openness.   
  • Creative exhaust: The wake of our creative work is shared by all
  • Ubiquity: The World Wide Web is everywhere!


  • Openness can be enhanced by improving accessibility to disabled people. Authors on the World Wide Web can give permissions and access to other users in order to share work in progress.
  • All source data sharing
  • Parallel work: Experts can view medical records simultaneously in the medical community.



  • Accessibility gives disabled people access to the World Wide Web. This is a moral imperative and makes good business sense.
  • Creating accessible designs encourages clean coding and supports SEO and usability. It also enables human development.
  • Legal issues: It will prevent you from being sued!
  • 1 in 5 citizens in the US and Canada have a disability


  • Accessibility can be enhanced through responsive web design, automatic access, and interoperability. RWD (Responsive Web Design) can improve accessibility.
  • Curb-out-effect: Designs created to benefit people with disabilities often result in helping a large group.
Another image of the Tegernsee lake with aquamarine waters surrounded by plush, green forests and an azure blue sky above.

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