Accessibility and Openness

Decorative picture of a sunrise.



There are three reasons why you would want to make something accessible. The legal reason, you could get sued, the moral reason, it is the right thing to do, and the business reason, it could be good for business by creating a more user-friendly environment for a group of people you weren’t intended to create that for.


  • Closed captioning
  • Adding alternative text
  • Organized and easy to navigate post
  • Descriptive headings



Openness means to create in the open with your work freely available for others to modify and use themselves. We want to do this to make our work better and to make our world better. Through sharing content, you can inspire others and become a catalyst for new ideas and you can also receive helpful feedback.


  • Public content
  • Publish progress of projects

Click on this Openness – Wikipedia page for more information on openness.

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