Who is the internet for?

In short, everyone! But if we want everyone to benefit from the internet, we have to make sure that our content is both open and accessible.



  • To make your work better
  • To make the world better
  • We all benefit when we share knowledge!


  • Make your work freely available for others to modify and use
  • Share your progress and findings



  • It’s morally right!
  • It improves business by expanding the user base
  • Avoid lawsuits


  • Increase font size
  • Add alternative text to describe images
  • Organize your webpage with headers
  • Add closed captioning to videos
Decorative image of a mountain range

Image taken from the summit of Mount Washington, which is accessible by hiking trails, auto road, and trolley. Like the internet, there are multiple ways for people of different abilities to access and enjoy it!

For more tips and tools, check out this article on accessibility by the Digital Culture Network.

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