The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition, who are They?

Image of a crane hovering a small housing unit over a small plot of land also containing a different and larger housing unit.

The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition description

  • The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is a group of neighborhoods and other community members fighting a current proposed ADU ordinance, which was proposed as a means to make Fredericksburg housing more affordable.
  • ADUs, or Acessory dwelling units, are secondary housing units or apartments that share a lot of a larger primary residence that cannot be bought or sold separately.
  • The coalition’s primary concern pertains to the current high number of renters, essentially saying that permitting ADUs will increase this number altogether and take away from single families.

Who can confirm this?

  • Many articles on the Free-Lance Star, a local and daily newspaper in Fredericksburg, confirmed the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalitions position on the proposed ordinance. In their article, Fredericksburg City Council to vote on first read of ADU ordinance, they detail the current plan of action with the ADU and mention the group as major point in opposition to the ordinance and their encouragement of other community members to oppose.
  • My Hyperbole, a local news and production agency, wrote an article called Community Group Alleges City Council Hiding ADU Agenda. This article gives insight into the ADU plan while highlighting the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition and mentions explicitly their allegations that the City Council hid this agenda and held private meetings.

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