Week 5 in a nutshell

Week five has came and went. I unfortunately had alternator problems causing me to miss class on Friday but I luckily most of our class lessons are online. I had a pretty good week last week and we are a little less than halfway through the semester. This week we listened to a podcast where this women explained the danger of algorithms, which I found interesting because I always thought algorithms were all pros and no cons. The most shocking thing we read about in class was the loan approval difference with black people by algorithm. It made me realize that algorithm isn’t just “what kind of funny video pops up on you’re TikTok”. We also finished up our html and added them to our class web ring. We were then exposed to what programming is and learning about Java script.

Java script??? Is that a font? is it a type of coffee???

No Haha! Java script is a language that you create to control the content of your domain. The way we found out it relates to Html/ CSS is

  • HTML is for giving structure to the content
  • CSS is for designing how it looks
  • JS is for controlling actions and interactivity

I think this is gonna add more interaction and creativity with my html. I didn’t think html was my strong suit but im hoping that java script will get me intrigued. So far we are learning how to write Java Script on the same computer site that we learned how to write html ,W3 schools! So far we are learning the basics like adding buttons and demos. It seems pretty simple but I feel like the more we dig deep into it, the wording and commands might get more complicated. The teacher does want us to learn about different scripted sites and then choose one that we can explain/ share with the class. So I have a week to master at least something about javascript.

I missed Friday due to my alternator deciding not to keep my battery charge in my car, but I did reach out to one of my classmates and we are gonna go over the java script today. So I did not get to create my practice page but I did do the online exercises and readings. We read this one article where basically summed up, noting is found straight forwards anymore. Its all due to the structure and history of your searches. We took quizzes over the reading and algorithms.

Lets talk about week 4

I’m gonna be honest, in between moving new houses, 18 credit work load, and lining up an internships I am so burnt out. We digress though! This week we had some pretty fun classes, we just spent the week adding more to our retro webpage and coding Html. I find it really cool, but it very tedious and personally not for me. The teacher wanted us to find something that we could teach our peers to code into our website. I chose to teach the class how to audio to their website. We used this website called W3 schools to help find some ideas on what to do. I notice that a lot of my classmates were doing a lot of “Adding visual elements”. So I decided to search up how to add audio! Honestly W3 schools is a life saver and is the beginner guide for amateur coders like me. I was nervous and did run into some technical difficulties but overall my group was pretty chill with everything and honestly coming from a teaching perspective, I think coding can be enjoyable to the right person. Overall I checked out some of my other classmates website in our website garden page and you can tell the people who went above and beyond/ really enjoyed building their retro html.

Do you feel like you are starting to understand this class a little more?

Honestly thinking about everything, I am starting to understand the three concepts of Digital Fluency, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Praxis. I think we have a fluency by learning how websites are created like coding and seeing how one small flaw in the code can create an error or not correlate in General. Our digital citizenship is our place on the internet and adapting to all of the changes and advances. I still working on praxis but so far I think its using our knowledge from other projects were doing to relate it to the next one. Anyways Im excited to see what next week has in store for us!!!

How was my 3rd week?

This week we learned a lot of new information all the way from closing up information on Geocities to Learning how to code Html. I personally find coding very hard but I think I will be able to improve with a little more practice.


We looked at other public policies on Ai and examples to make a outline of what we think would be acceptable use in our class. My group had a photography contest and their rules basically stated that Ai is acceptable to use as long as it doesn’t create or falsify the photo. This related back to our class, by stating that we should be able to use Ai just as long as were not generating assignments or using it to cheat.

Week Summary 2

This week in Applied Digital studies we learned about an original site that people used to create and share websites/ their own world. This would be done coming up with codes to type into the server. We also briefly talked about the meta verse and explored some everyday websites that use the same concept. My group observed a website called club Penguin and Movie star planet. We also looked more into the discovery of the “the web”. The guy in the video we watch breaks down how jumping onto the webworks and it give big “Reddit” vibes. It’s being able to connect with others without physically being there. It’s a series of different communities that you can share your opinion or simply observe.

We brushed up a little on how to make Retro Web World. I have a MacBook so I had to go to this website called Home-brew in order to start using the other software, but I watched another kid in class download it and a lot of crazy stuff popped up on his computer, so Im not sure if its mandatory to start coding but I am going to hold off. Overall this week was really interesting and I am excited about this coming week.

New Chapter!!! Welcome to DGST 395

We finally got through DGST 101. Sadly gonna miss Cartland but excited about using the skills he taught me to excel in the Whalen. So prepare for the next few post to be weekly summaries of what we do in class.

What did you learn this week?

We learned about Digital Praxis, Digital Citizenship, and Digital Fluency. Im gonna be honest, I didn’t retain a lot of information from the first day, the second day I had a migraine and got to class late, and the third class I had a migraine and skipped completely. Im hoping not to miss anymore classes and will try and go more into depth in the next weekly summary.