The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

Three protestors standing outside with signs saying "say No to rezone" and "save our single family homes"

What is the meaning of the Virginia Neighborhood Coalition and what is their intention?

What I gathered from the organizations site:

The Virginia Neighborhood Coalition is an outlet and group of members who live in the fredericksburg community that work together to express concerns regarding housing, transportation and developments in the area. This group works together to promote a better way of life and create agendas that they believe is best for Fredericksburg. The hot topic at the moment for the group, is the the rezoning by the ADU. They are adding more housing developments in single family neighborhoods. The organization thinks this is terrible idea and will overpopulate and distort their city. For more information about the Coalition and how to join, visit the Frederericksburg Neighborhood Coalition Website.

How trust worthy is this organization?

One source says that the ADU rezoning is actually something that a lot of residents wanted. The development would actually fix a lot of the residential problems and not change the character of existing residential neighborhoods. This was an article by the Free lance star, a local newspaper for the fredericksburg area. To read more about the alternative side, review the article.

Another source I read kinda changed my perspective. At first when I was reading through the initial article and then going through the others to disprove it; I realized that a site doesn’t have to be flat out wrong. The next article I read goes into a little bit more detail about concerns through a back and fourth arguments and compromises. The council tries to come up with compromises to combat this group but the group is more worried about making a it a right, instead of something that they can object on a by- property basis. I think that the organization has concern about the intention and wanting something in place to uphold the ADU from doing things that can horrendously alter their neighborhoods. You can find more information about the ADU meeting at the Freelance star website.

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