Final Project

Final Project Podcast

When I was creating my final project podcast podcast I wanted to make sure my podcast was accessible to everyone including people with disabilities. I made sure I had closed captions, and that my images had alt text. I also made sure that I gave credit to all the audio and images I used in my podcast. I used the University of Mary Washington website to make sure my information that I used in my podcast was accurate. When it came to licensing my work I used “All Rights Reserved” on my website, so I can own all the rights to my work.

Final Project Idea

For my Final Project I will be creating a second subdomain and a second episode of my podcast. The second episode of my podcast will be about my two favorite places to hangout on campus when I’m not in my room.

Tell a Story with Data


Graph of Percentage of A's in Certain Courses at UMW

The data for this graph is from the University of Mary Washington’s Grade Distribution Report.


Row LabelsSum of A %
Grand Total405.5750993
Data of courses and total percentages of A’s


According to the graph and the data it appears EDSE has the greatest total of A percentage than any other class within the data set. With EDUC coming with the second greatest total of A percentages. Then GBUS came with the third highest percentages of A’s.


I first looked at the data and then came up with a question that could be answered with the data given. The question I came up with was which course had the highest percentage of A’s? Then I gathered the names of the courses and the percentage’s of A’s in each of the courses. Next I created a Pivot Table with the data I collected and put it into a bar graph. The bar graph was the best choice of graph to show that EDSE had the greatest total of A percentage’s within the rest of the courses in the data.

HCC Podcast

HCC Study Spots

My podcast is about my favorite places to study at the HCC. In my podcast I talk about the HCC and what it has to offer the students of Mary Washington. I also talk about my two favorite places to study inside the HCC.

Process of Making My Podcast

The first step I did when making this podcast was plan out what I was going to film and what I was going to say in it. Then I went and recorded my footage for the podcast. Then I uploaded it to Canva and Soundtrap, and I combined the footage and the audio on Canva. Lastly, I uploaded it to YouTube as an unlisted video. I would also like to thank University of Mary Washington and Gravitron for the images and audio.


Hello and welcome to my study places on campus podcast. My name is Mia and today I will be telling you about my two favorite places to study on campus. The place I love to study the most on campus is at the Hurley Convergence Center also known as the HCC. The HCC is home to several studying places on campus as well as academic support to help you with your homework and class projects. My first favorite place to study at the HCC is at this long blue and green couch located on the 4th floor of the HCC. My second favorite place to study at in the HCC is at these super long back blue chairs that have a table connected to it perfect to put our laptop or notebook on. These chairs are also located on the 4th floor of the HCC. Thank you for tuning into my study places podcast.  


Amusement park podcast

My Amusement park podcast is about Busch Gardens and all the fun events that are there during the year.


I used Soundtrap to create and edit my podcast. Then I used my Mac laptop to record my podcast. I used the Busch Gardens website as my reliable source to make sure I did not present disinformation. I also cross checked with a couple different websites that were advertising Busch Garden events. The audio clip I used was by Texturex on Soundtrap.


Welcome to my Amusement park information podcast. Today I will be talking about Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is an Amusement park located in Williamsburg,VA. Busch Gardens has a ton of family fun attractions from roller coasters, rides, shops, and even shows. They have many events during the year like Mardi Gras, a Food & Wine festival, Howl-O-Scream, and Christmas town. Their most popular events during the year are Howl-O–Scream and Christmas town. During Howl-O-Scream you can go through Haunted Houses, get scared at any moment when walking through the park, or go see a spine chilling show. During Christmas town you can warm up with some of their famous hot chocolate, take a ride on their train that can take you around the park, walk through the park and see millions of twinkling lights, or go see a festive show. There are so many fun things to do at Busch Gardens it is a fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.