Domain Names

For my course in digital studies, I was required to create a domain through the University of Mary Washington’s (UMW) Domain of One’s Own program. By the time this assignment came around, I had already created a domain for a previous class, so that meant I had to stick with the domain name I had chosen.

If you hadn’t already noticed, my domain name is It’s not very creative, but I didn’t want it to be creative at the time. My purpose for the website, at the time, was for it to be used as a portfolio to document my knowledge, skills, and experiences for future reference, so making the domain name my own name was relevant.

If I could go back and choose a different domain name, I might’ve chosen something shorter based on my name because having a name with 15 characters is just asking for typing errors. I also would’ve preferred .com as my Top Level Domain (TLD) instead of .org, but wasn’t available (thanks to whoever out there took that domain and decided to not even use it for anything).

Overall, I’m content with my domain name. Feel free to check out to see a blank website, at least until I start posting things.