Project 9

The Data

Story Behind the Data

Figuring out what I wanted to focus on took me a minute. Then I realized I wanted to take a look at how many A’s people get in each course. I highlighted which column is in the graph, which is column F. The data in my graph goes from top to bottom, the same as the report I used to make the graph with. So what I have inferred since reading and understanding this data is that most of the A’s where obtained from the education class and some FSEMS. I also noticed a spike on the bottom of the chart, indicating that there were a lot of A’s in some music classes.

The Process

My process of working with the data and creating the graphs was interesting.The data automatically uploaded into numbers, so learning how to navigate it took me a while. I had not worked with numbers in the past before so it was a learning process for sure. Making the graph was not as hard as I though it would be. It was pretty easy to figure out and I thought a bar graph would be easy for others to read. Uploading my images onto the website was initially a struggle. I ended up doing it off of my phone which was the easiest way. Overall, I am glad that this was an assignment as I learned a lot!

Final Project

My Idea

I have decided to build out my main domain for the final project. I am planning to add work from this class, and other papers I have written for other classes. I am also going to have a page all about me and make a resume to add in as I do not currently have one. My major is psychology and I need to go to graduate school so this might be beneficially to stand out from other applicants. I want to make this website a place where employers or others can look at my website and see who I am, what I have done, and what I plan to do next!

My Video!

Video Link:


When we had this assignment handed to us, I knew I wanted to compare and contrast the animals I have. I have a one year old dog named milo and two nine year old cats named Rocco and Josie. Watching them interact is so interesting to me, so I thought making a video about them would be interesting!

The Process

The process of filming this was a little hard. I went home for the weekend and had to find all of the animals and my cats like to hide. After I was able to find all of them, getting clips was pretty easy. My dog has a lot of energy so I had to find the right times to get good clips. I used Canva to edit this. Since we had already used it before in class, it was not too difficult. I had to film audio to go over my video clips so that took me a little while to edit and put together. Adding the captions was a little tricky for me to figure out but after I got that, I felt good! I used youtube to upload this video so they were able to generate the captions for me. The music I have in the background is from Ben Sounds.

My Podcast!

Subject of my audio track

When given this topic, I immediately knew I wanted to talk to my father, Tom Iezzi. He is very informed on the history of the United States, more specifically, about the history of Virginia. I told him the guidelines and told him he could pick any topic he would like to. He ended up going with the Civil War, and what he thinks are the most important events from them.

The Process

To record my audio, I used my phone to record this with a pair of headphones that had a microphone on them. I then used soundtrap to edit my audio. Since we had previously used it in class, I did not have too hard of a time figuring everything out. I used Ben Sounds for both of my audio clips.

Here is the link to my source used to verify the information Tom gave me. I reviewed all the information posted and compared it to the information that I was given. I found that the information Tom gave me was in fact accurate.

Here is a copy of my transcript

Hello, my name is Gracie Iezzi and today I am here with Tom Iezzi who is very knowledgable about the Civil War. Today, we are going to be talking about what he thinks are the three most significant events of the Civil War. The first of the three most important events is Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started. The second most significant event of the American Civil War is Gettysburg. It was a horrific 3 day battle. It was the turning point of the war, and that’s when Lee invaded the North and his plan failed,. It was also where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. The third significant event is Appomattox. This is where the Civil War ended. With General Lee surrendered his army. The war was over and the reunification of the country began. Thank you for your time.

Project 7

My Vector Image

a pink heart with light pink beams around it with white text in the middle that says Gracies Corner
Made by Gracie Iezzi

This is the vector image I created. My favorite color is pink so I knew I wanted that in my image. I was playing around with different shapes and really liked the beams around the heart.

The Process

I used Canva to create my raster image as well as my vector image. I had used it before in the past so I was pretty familiar with the software. These images were different then things I had made in the past, so I did still learn along the way. The raster image was a little difficult for me to figure out, but I eventually got it. Overall, this was a fun learning process and I am glad I know how to do this for the future!

Project 5

My License

I chose a CC BY 4.0 DEED license. I chose to do so because I wanted others to be able to share my work, while I still receive credit for it.

My First Image

I got this image from pexels. I wanted to do something with nature because I felt it was very pleasing on the eyes and very calming. I love palm trees as they remind me of the beach. I felt this image would be perfect as my site icon.

My Second Image

I also got this image from pexels. As stated, I wanted my focus for my images to have to do with nature. I love the mountains, so this felt like a good image to make my header image!

Why Gracie’s Corner?

I picked my subdomain name by using ChatGPT. I was struggling to figure out what to use, but I got suggested to try out ChatGPT for inspiration. It gave me a lot of options, but ultimately, I chose Gracie’s Corner.