Final Project Video 2

Serene Bee Video created by Ema Corujo

About this Project

The second video I did was on my mother’s second business, Serene Bee Bakery. For accessibility, I created captions for those with hearing impairment of any kind. I also adjusted the volume of the background music and my voiceover so neither were overpowered.

For the background music, I used the website Pixaby. Pixaby allows for free use of music, attribution not required, but appreciated. I used the song “Once in Paris” by Pumpupthemind.

All of the information that was included is accurate. Considering my mother is the owner, I received everything from her firsthand account. More information can be located at the Serene Bee Bakery website.

All of the content posted to this website is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. You are free to share and adapt, however attribution is required.


Serene Bee Bakery is the second step in Cecilia Corujo’s business journey and pushes her one step closer to her dream of building an orphanage. The bakery is currently run out of her first business, Persnickety Crane Cafe. 

She plans to open a storefront on the other side of Persnickety for a more in person experience. Right now, customers are able to place orders through the Serene Bee website then pick up the order through the Persnickety storefront. 

Located in the back of Persnickety is the bakery where all the amazing and delicious pastries are created. The Serene Bee Bakery menu can be found online and at the counter of Persnickety. 

While Serene Bee is just starting out, they are planning for it to go a very long way. Thanks for watching!

Final Project Video 1

Persnickety Crane Cafe Video created by Ema Corujo

About this Project

For my Digital Studies Final Project, I created two videos on my mother’s two businesses. The first video, which is linked above, is on her first business, Persnickety Crane Cafe. For the accessibility aspect of this project, I wrote in my captions for those that are hearing impaired. I also made sure that the background music did not overpower the video so it works cohesively with my voiceover.

For the background music, I used the website Pixaby. Pixaby allows for free use of music, attribution not required, but appreciated. I used the song “Once in Paris” by Pumpupthemind.

All of the information I used is accurate. Considering my mother is the owner, I received all the information from her firsthand. However, more information can be accessed through the Persnickety Crane Cafe website.

All of the content posted to this website is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. You are free to share and adapt, however attribution is required.


Persnickety Crane Cafe is a cozy, local cafe and coffee house located in Yorktown, Virginia. The owner is Cecilia Corujo and this is her first business which she opened in December of 2019. 

This coffee shop has grown so much over the years, originally only one side was available, allowing only 40 seats. After the expansion in July 2021 and bumping out the wall, opening up the other side, the cafe now seats 75, with sections for take-out customers to stand. The cafe offers a game section with various kinds of board games, an amazing kids area allowing parents to relax while their kids play, and a used book section so customers can have a relaxing morning with coffee and a book.

Persnickety partnered with another local coffee shop to roast their very own coffee bean blend called Oasis. The cafe also offers other blends and single origins from Blanchards Roastery to supply a diverse variety of options for customers. Persnickety crafts every drink with care and precision to ensure the best customer experience.

The owner, Cecilia’s, mission for her businesses is to build up a series of businesses that will eventually fund her life-long dream of building an orphanage for children in war-torn countries. Persnickety is only the beginning of that journey.

My Final Project

Logo for Serene Bee Bakery, a local Yorktown bakery.

The Idea

For my DGST 101 Final Project, I have decided on a video production of my mother’s brand new business. She already owns a coffee shop in Yorktown, Virginia called Persnickety Crane Cafe. She has recently opened a new business entitled, Serene Bee Bakery. I will be filming an informative video of these businesses with the latter being the focus. The video will include the location, information on the owner and her story, as well as information about both businesses.

Telling a Story With Data

Bar graph showing the average amount of A's received within different colleges.

The Story

I chose to use the 2022-2023 Grade Distribution Summary for the Spring 2023 Graduate Colleges. This data set consisted of three graduate program colleges, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Business (COB), and College of Education (COE). It also contained the number of students in each college for Spring of 2023 and their average of grades, ranging from A-F. Looking at this data set, I wanted to determine which College was the most difficult to receive an A in. To do this, I created a graph that allowed me to see the average percentage of A’s received among graduate students within each college for this semester. I concluded that the College of Arts and Sciences is the most difficult to receive an A in, with 70.59% of students receiving A’s, and the College of Education is the easiest, with 90.65% of students receiving A’s.

The Process

Excel was becoming an extreme pain to use in order to create a Pivot table, so I attempted to trouble-shoot until eventually giving up on Microsoft Excel. I turned to Google Sheets which was infinitely more user-friendly. I imported the data set from the UMW website and worked from there. In the “rows” section of the Pivot table, I plugged in the different colleges, and in the “values” section, I plugged in the average percentage of A’s. Once this generated to my pivot table and showed me the average percentage of A’s received in each college, I inserted that information into a bar graph, showing me the data more clearly.

UMW Apartments Video

The Video

The Content

The content of this video highlights different aspects of the UMW Apartments, which is an apartment complex for upper-class UMW students. I explained three positive qualities of these apartments: the picturesque scenery, the practical parking spaces, and the relaxing courtyard.

The Process

There were many steps I took during the process of this video including steps in pre-production, production, and post-production. During the pre-production phase, I planned my script and what shots I wanted that would fit with my audio. During production, I used my iPhone 12 (in landscape mode) to film various types of shots in various locations. Lastly, post-production was the most time-consuming step of this process. I used Canva to edit the video files in the order that best suit my script. Then, I used Soundtrap to record my audio files. Once I had both of those saved, I input my audio files into Canva with my video, added background music, and edited it all harmoniously. I did all of the editing in Canva. There are two things I gained through Canva that I would like to give credit for:

  • The music: “Advertising” by Rafael Krux
  • The end slide template: “Pink Cute Animated Bubble Video Centric Welcome YouTube Intro” by insangle

Transcript of Video

The UMW Apartments are a beautiful residence hall apartment complex located on William Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia. They have housing for 350 upperclass UMW students contained in 10 separate apartment buildings.The first thing to note about these apartments is the gorgeous scenery, looking especially beautiful in the fall, as shown here. Secondly, a practical perk being the various different sections for parking keeping in mind the numerous students being housed here. Lastly, in the center of all these buildings is a serene, relaxing courtyard space. In the courtyard is more picturesque scenery, along with many areas of seating, and much more. Thank you for watching!

Making my Mini Podcast


The subject of my mini podcast is a short book review of If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. I gave a brief summary, then I talked about some of my favorite themes and what they accomplished. To get another perspective on this novel, you can visit Cloud Lake Literary’s Book Review: If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. This is a creative website for readers based in Canada that contains book reviews, a literary magazine, interviews with various authors, etc. When doing a search of the organization, all of their social media popped up as well as other publishing and reader websites that were citing some of Cloud Lake Literary’s book reviews. So, I believe they are a reliable source.


For this process, I used a few different resources. I used the UMW audio kit to do the recording, Soundtrap to edit, and Bensound: Royalty Free Music for Videos for clips of music (the credit of the music goes to Benjamin Tissot). I recorded my audio inside my closet using the handheld recorder to minimize background sound.


Hello. Welcome to my mini podcast. Today I will be doing a very short book review on If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio. 

The novel takes the reader through the dramatic and tragic events of a group of Shakespeare enthusiasts who are also best friends. They attend a special school of arts that goes through cuts after every school year. By the time the theater students reach their final year, they are down to 7 students, Oliver, Richard, James, Alexander, Meredith, Wren, and Filippa. 

This group’s fatal flaw is their absolute devotion and obsession with Shakespeare. It ends up costing one of these seven their life. After this major event, we start to realize that the book is literally unfolding into a Shakespearian tragedy. I think this is an amazing creative choice because we are able to watch the Shakespeare obsessed realize that you can’t actually justify anything if you do it poetically enough. 

Thank you for listening!

Image Creations

Image of a star with pink background.
Site Icon created by me
Image of a star with pink background.
JPEG created by me
Pink decorative background image.
Canva Template

Why these images?

I created the site icon png and the jpeg of the star on a pink background. There was not much thought behind why I chose to design the site icon the way that I did. I just wanted to stay on the pink theme of my website. The header image I chose followed the same line of thinking, I chose it because it was pink.


The process for creating the site icon was fun! I used the Vectr website to design it. I used the shape and color designs that the website offered. For the header image, I used a Canva template.

Why I Customized the Way I Did


I chose CC BY-NC 4.0. I do want to receive credit for work that I have created, but I want to allow others to remix it and share that remix without restriction. I believe this is a form of creativity, not copying. I did choose to not allow commercial use of my work because that felt wrong to me. However, I may choose to change this later.


A picture of a pink sunset on the beach.
Reinaldo Simoes, Pexels
A picture of a wave crashing.
Emiliano Arano, Pexels

I found the Pexels website through the ‘Free Resources’ section on UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center website. I chose this source because they list themselves as “free to use” and they say that “attribution is not required but appreciated.” I did not want to risk getting in trouble with accidentally using someone else’s work when I wasn’t allowed to. Also, after browsing their site for a bit I found they had so many beautiful options to choose from. To access this website, go to Pexels: the best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators.

Why Did I Choose My Title and Domain Name?

A photo of the front of the coffee shop, Persnickety Crane Cafe.

I chose the title, “Ema’s Persnickety Projects,” as a tribute to the theme that my mom uses to name her businesses. The name of her cafe/coffee-house is “Persnickety Crane Cafe” and her bakery business is “Serene Bee Bakery.” I wanted to use the word ‘persnickety’ and that alliteration because it feels very connected to the family business that I have been a part of for nearly four years. This title feels very at home to me. As for my domain name, I went plain and simple and chose my first and last name with ‘.com.’ Luckily, this was available!