Pregame at Base Camp

You’re sitting around the fire drinking with your cowboy brethren. Everyone’s getting a bit tipsy, but you realize you’re wasting time. Some suggest that you’re not prepared and need a little more practice so there’s not as much room for error in combat. If you do some target practice, it could be a swift defeat of the yeti.

Old Lady Murton’s been real depressed lately though, what with the absence of her cat, and time is of the essence. That cat’s been missing for some time and as the hours pass the estimate of how many lives it has left decreases. You need to leave now to ensure he still has at least one left. Maybe you need to go now. No time for target practice. Besides, you all are angry drunks. If you continue drinking on the way there, you’ll be so aggressive it might be a swift defeat anyway.

What do you choose?

do some target practice

continue drinking on the way to the cave