Accessibility Sampler

Here’s a little information in a paragraph. It doesn’t have any info under it, so it’s not a heading. Maybe this is where you talk a bit about the main idea of your post, introducing what the post will be about.

Your First Topic (H2)

Here’s some info about the first topic. You may think you should do H1, but that’s specifically reserved for the page title, so headings in your post start with H2. You may also want to:

  • add
  • some
  • bullet
  • points.

Bullet points are super helpful for screen readers.

Your Second Topic (H2)

Here’s a little about that second thing. This is a bit more complex, so let’s divide it up:

The Second Topic Part 1 (H3)

This is where I’m writing stuff about part 1 of the second thing.

The Second Topic Part 2 (H3)

This is where I’m writing stuff about part 2 of the second thing. Notice that I’m not skipping any Header levels, but progressing from H2 to H3.

Here’s an image with some alt text:

decorative image of misty, snowy mountain
This is the caption area, NOT the alt text area.
Click the image and look in the sidebar for the alt text box.

Descriptive Link Text

Here’s some good descriptive link text:

Find more information at the DKC website.

Here’s some bad link text:

Click here.

Find more information at

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