Run to Jepson and search the lab….

zombies gathered in front of the Jepson science center. there is a umw sign hanging in front on the center.
Generated by Dall-E 3 via Binf Chat prompt “Zombies in front of UMW Jepson Science center”

As you escape from the crowd of zombies hoarding your dorm room, you can find some other students along the way, as well as your close friend and roommate. You all collectively decide to start running towards the Jepson Center to find answers or even a professor to give you answers about this large outbreak of zombies. As you all start heading toward Jepson, a giant hoard of zombies starts to gather closer, and some of you want to go flee instead of run to Jepson.

What do you do?

  1. Flee Zombies
  2. Flee to Jepson