Their love will never die…

You wake up to the sound of leaf blowing outside your dorm room window. Why does UMW facilities always have to blow the leaves at 7am?

You roll over and grab your phone. You still have a few hours before class, so you disconnect from the campus wifi so you can open TikTok. The rev of the gas-powered leaf blower drones on as you sleepily swipe through a few videos. It seems like there is a new zombie meme that everyone is doing? Weird.

Suddenly, your groggy brain processes that this is not a meme at all. These videos are real, serious reports of zombie attacks in the Fredericksburg area.

You jump out of bed and run to the window. The sound you thought was a leaf blower turns out to be single facilities worker fending off a crowd of zombies with a chain saw! You watch in horror as the chainsaw is ripped from her hands and she disappears from view as the zombies pile onto her.

What do you do?

  1. Run to Jepson. You may be able to figure out a cure in the chemistry lab.
  2. Run to the University Center. Food will be the only currency in the coming apocalypse.
  3. Run to the Battlefield Athletics Complex. Maybe you can find something to defend yourself with.
  4. Run to the creek bed that passes through campus. The trees may give you enough cover to sneak off campus.