Who is the Internet for?


What is it?

The idea of share thoughts or ideas freely with everybody.

Why is it important?

Openness allows for the world to give suggestions or modify one’s ideas in order to make it better. It is important to share these ideas with everybody else so that the community can help other people.

How to maintain “openness”

By creating what can be referred to as an “open” source. This will allow more people access to information ultimately impacted a larger community

What are some examples?

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Buying/selling products
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What is it?

A way of ensuring that everybody can comprehend and understand the message that is being conveyed.

Why is it important?

Many people have disabilities, which makes it difficult when accessing the internet. There are legalities that ensure accessibility to all people. Many people want to share their thoughts and ideas for a variety of reasons. One being, that they may broaden their audiences and increase profit. Another can include businesses want to make their content accessible for this reason, as well. Lastly, it is important to ensure accessibility to everybody for moral reasons. Human being deserve to be equal, without discrimination. It is the right thing to do.

How do we do this?

Using the “curb-cut” effect helps to ensure that those who may not be able to access certain information are able to.

What are some everyday examples?

  • Closed captioning
  • Larger text sizes
  • Audio enhancement tools

Openness and Accessibility


Open sourcing is the process of making intellectual property freely available on the Internet. Should you do this?

Internet Metaphor


One advantage is the ability to solicit help from people with similar interests. Beyond that the interests of a wide variety of stakeholders are potentially served by being able to access and influence both the result and the intermediate materials of the project. Open source also helps establish persistence, and grow market demand for new products that have not yet reached production quality.


Any Internet-enabled publishing media can be used to open source a project. Different types of projects are optimal for different systems, but generally most integrate some kind of revision control and management. Many of the more popular systems are based on the git revision control system. There are several public vendors that host git projects for free, such as gitlab and bitbucket, but it is also fairly trivial to self host. There are hundreds of resources available to help open-source developers, and it is best to carefully consider the needs of your project before searching out a solution.


Optimizing content for persons with disabilities has a number of unexpected “curb cutting” benefits.


Developing content with accessibility in mind, will also optimize your content for indexing. So it is a form of SEO. Careful attention to accessibility can accelerate media consumption which may reduce bandwidth consumption. It can provide clearification for errors, translation into different languages and improve viewership.


Generally this is accomplished on the web by carefully avoiding bad formatting, and using an accessible development style (compositionally speaking). However there are a number of free and commercial evaluation tools that will help determine compliance. A good place to start would be by looking into those tools recommended by the W3C who is generally regarded as an administrative authority over hypertext standards. The W3C maintains a list of web accessibility evaluation tools to help you.