What is Real vs Fake on the Internet

(True claim)Dak Prescott will be out for several weeks and will undergo thumb surgery

SIFT evaluation

I= investigate the source

I= investigate the source: After investigating the source they seems very valid, Bleacher report is a trusted news platform whose main focus is sports. Wikipedia contains information about the Bleacher report verifying them as an organization that started in 2005.

F= Find trusted coverage

F= Find trusted coverage: Fox news, CBS,ESPN, and Yahoo sports all have similar stories reporting on Dak’s injury at the same time and place.

T= Trace the claims

T= Trace claims: The game was live on NBC where you can watch Dak get injured, Also Youtube.com has a video of Dak being injured and leaving the playing field. The cowboys also made a statement about the incident

Here there is also a link to ESPN’s report of the story

(False claim) Solar Panels are stealing power from the sun and draining it

SIFT evaluation

I= investigate the source

I= Investigate the source: After investigating I found out that the website is satire and the news isn’t real (the website contained disclaimers)

F= find trusted coverage

F= Find trusted coverage: I looked around for similar articles and found another fake news page containing the exact same report as this one.

T = trace claims

T= Trace claims: Solar panels do not drain the sun, this has been scientifically proven. While solar panels do take and store the sun’s energy they do not drain it during that process.

Link to post confirming this as satire: Here

A Little Bit of Column True, And A Little Bit of Column False

E Wiley

Before It’s News and Forced Vaccines

Before It’s News brings us the real low down on how the government is gonna make sure every red blooded American gets vaccinated.


First of all, that’s a wild claim to make no matter how dystopian the world feels. But I digress.


Before It’s News has a track record of fake news articles, ranging from reptile governments to moon landing hoaxes. It is so embedded in the legacy of fake news, Google has them listed in their own transparency report as a site that has been requested to be delisted from searches.

Finding Better Coverage

Many places, including the CDC itself, can list the ways in which vaccine rollouts are not mandatory for anyone, and in fact are only mandatory by institutions who are within their rights to make them so.

Tracing Claims

Finding the source of conspiracies is a lesson in futility, but a cursory Google Search into ‘Forced Vaccination’ will bring up any number of sources who will back up the claims of Before It’s News.

The BBC and The Death of the Queen

BBC reports the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II.


Wait really? Did she actually die? In our lifetime? Because she’s ‘died’ in the past and the internet does a little gasp before finding out it’s fake, but that’s BBC.


This is THE BBC website. It isn’t a .gov or a .net. That is the official news source of England reporting on the death of the Queen.

Finding Better Coverage

Oh. Oh no. It’s everywhere. Every news source is reporting on this. Even The Daily Wire is acknowledging it. This is… not great.

Tracing Claims

And there’s Prince Charles, addressing the world about the Queen’s death. I mean that’s the King now. He’s kinda the authority on if the Queen was still alive. This is just upsetting. I think I’m gonna lay down.

Spotting Fake News: Why Was Mike Tyson Recently Spotted Using a Wheelchair and Cane to Get Around?

News articles perpetuating false narratives are rampant on the internet, so it is important for users to be able to recognize what news is true. Beloved boxer Mike Tyson has recently been spotted using a wheelchair and cane to get around, so what is the real reason for that? After locating two different articles, we can come to a conclusion of the truth using the SIFT method: Stop,  Investigate the Source, Find Trusted Coverage, and Trace Claims.

(Left Image): Mike Tyson being rolled in a wheelchair by person in vest while at the airport.
(Right Image): Mike Tyson taking selfie with a fan while seated in a wheelchair and holding a cane.
Mike Tyson, Age 56, Spotted in a Wheelchair at The Airport

False Claims

Article one comes from NewsPunch.com, and it claims Mike Tyson’s current condition is due to being fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.


Before believing this article, it is important to not share it around before you fully trust the information, so it’s time to investigate the source.

Investigate the Source:

A quick scroll through the website this article was published on shows the viewer that it is a news outlet that is littered in conspiracies. It had flashy titles to grab attention with outrageous claims, and after checking several of these other articles, it becomes obvious that it is a news source with a conservative bias.

Find Trusted Coverage:

Upon googling “newspunch” a wikipedia article pops up, and this wikipedia article sites Newspunch.com as a fake news website notorious for pushing anti-vaccination hoaxes. I found trusted coverage on TheShadowLeauge.com about the true cause of Tyson’s condition, in short, Tyson’s is suffering from sciatica, not a COVID-19 vaccine, which is sited under “The Truth” section of this blog.

Trace Claims:

Throughout the article, there is no real source being sited that indicated Tyson’s condition is due to his vaccination status, and the only evidence they are pulling from, is that Tyson was reluctant to get vaccinated from a video clip 30 seconds long. It was from an interview catching up with Tyson from a couple years ago, it is in no way recent enough to be good enough proof for NewsPunch’s claims.

The Truth

When Tyson was spotted in a wheelchair, this was big news, so several other news sources reported that his condition was not due to a COVID-19 vaccine and that it was actually sciatica. Amongst these several news sources reporting on Tyson’s condition, I found TheShadowLeauge.com’s article on the boxers health.


Although I initially trusted this source, it must be treated like an untrustworthy source first and foremost to double check that it is actually reliable. So just as before for the previous article, it is important to stop before spreading this information.

Investigate the Source:

There were many sources confirming this information, but I chose to use TheShadowLeauge.com’s article, because it is exclusively a sports update website. There are no typical news biases to deal with on this website as it is primarily news updates, so I chose this over other news sources to avoid any bias. I found no problematic reports of hoaxes or conspiracies.

Find Trusted Coverage:

This website, like many others, sited Tyson’s sciatica as the primary reason as to why he was having issues walking, and by researching what causes this issue on a reliable medical source and by looking through actual long-term side effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccine on the CDC’s website, it is evident that there is no correlation between Mike Tyson being vaccinated and his back pain.

Trace Claims:

According to the CDC, there have been listings of nerve damage as a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine, but according to Mayo Clinic, sciatica is caused by bone spurs and other spinal problems which pinch nerves, and bone spurs have never been listed as a side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine. Finally, In TheShadowleauge.com‘s article, they use a video clip of Mike Tyson explaining it himself as to why he was in the wheelchair, which Newspunch.com, did not do. This video clip, unlike NewsPunch’s was recent.

Real vs Not real

The fake news

Here is the fake article or not really trusted article on why Ken Rocen and HRC honda did not come to agreement for next season. Click here to see.

The real news

Here is the real article about Ken Rozcen and HRC Honda not coming to agreement for next year season. Click here to read more on why they did not come to agreement.


I was able to stop a read each of the sources and was able to determine if they were real and fake. I have never hear of TMX news ever and I race dirt bikes and keep update to everything and I have never heard of them. I know NBC motosports they are very reliable they cover all the dirtbike races on tv an cover other racing events like nascar.


I was able to some investigating and research each of the sources. On wikipedia NBC comes up and it very trusted. I type TMX in wikipedia I nothing comes about the website. I find a bunch of finical stuff.

Find trusted coverages

Find trusted coverages, I was able to fine the real sources and other trusted sources to back up the real source. This was coverd on all the big motocross websites like racer X online and etc.

Trace Claims

Then I was able to trace the real source. Here some information on the real source about NBC Sports.

Find something false, find something true.

Fake source:

The Internet is a confusing space to navigate. One example attached, Fake news on solar use.



Use a moment to stop and review at the article is this first step. Look through the article to find indication that it is a false claim, for example in this article it states below the title that it is, America’s shittiest news source.”


A quick Google search on the internet will show results that this page and article will indicate that this article belongs to a site called, ”National Report” a satirical web news page.

Find Better Coverage:

Here attached is an example of a credible source Real information on solar energy. This site has clear history, contact information, and reliable sources. A secondary google search gives important information on the organization.

Trace Claims:

This example is misleading as it can be shard as an article on social media, tracing claims can be helpful to find the truth. you can trace many facts on solar energy specifically.

True Source:

Real information on solar energy.


Looking at different elements such as the, “.gov”


A google search determines that this page has adequate funding, budget, and a reliable source.

Find Better Coverage:

Other scholarly sources reference this page, and agree with the information.

Trace Claims:

Claims are actuate from this article from further research.

More Resources on The SIFT Method.

All about the SIFT method; Check,Please!

Fake News?

Using the SIFT process, this blog will decipher the legitimacy of two published articles.

The Articles in Question:

New Doll: True or False

the Source

Being an avid American Girl Doll fan, I searched for their website and came across numerous articles about their newly released doll. I found an article posted on the Chicago Tribune discussing the release, “Meet the new American Girl: Claudie Wells, modeled after a 6th grader from Hinsdale.”

Investigate the Source

The Chicago Tribune is a highly accredited and trustworthy news site, based in Chicago, Illinois. According to the Wikipedia page, it is the most used news source in the Chicago-Land area since its founding in 1847.

Find Trusted Coverage and Trace claims

I looked through numerous other articles about the release one from the Smithsonian magazine and the other from American Girl itself confirming the addition of Claudie Wells to the historical doll collection. These extra sources confirm and aid to the claims of the original article mentioned, thus, proving this article to be factual.

Sleeping Spouses: True or False

The Source

After scrolling on a site called The Onion, I came across a study done in Chicago entitled “Study: Married Americans Spend 40 Minutes Each Year Pointing a Gun at Sleeping Spouse.”

Investigate the Source

Never reading an article published by The Onion, I did a search of their other articles and reviews to see if they are credible. I quickly found that The Onion is a well-known satirical and fake news site.

Find Trusted Coverage and Trace claims

With a quick read through the article, I found more false information such as them citing this information to the American Journal of Sociology, a credible, peer-reviewed source based at the University of Chicago. After looking up confirmation to the citation on the journal, no results came up except for The Onion posting the article on their other platforms of social media. This evidently shows that this article is not factual.

Who is the Internet For? Or, Why Openness and Accessibility are Necessary.

E Wiley



Openness allows for a level of transparency between user and creator. Knowing where your information is coming from and being able to discern that is an invaluable asset, especially in an age of


For one, a major step in an open internet is knowing what a webpage is doing as you view it. Is it collecting data? Mouse Clicks? This in addition to other changes such as where the info in that sits within intellectual property domain, and the purpose of the site, allow for a more open and transparent internet.



Accessibility is necessary to allow people of any background and skill level to make use of the internet. With the world progressing further into a digital dependency on not just information, but everything, it is important nobody is left behind.


There are a bevy of ways to make the internet and sites more accessible to everyone. In addition to Alt text on pictures and embedded link, UC Berkley’s IT department lists many great ways to make your website more accessible.

Stock Image of a Raccoon holding an open laptop.
Portrait of a cute raccoon sitting with laptop Isolated on white background

who is internet for ?

Everyone has access to the internet since it is a global network that links computers. People can share information and communicate via the internet from anywhere that has an internet connection. You can use the internet to manage your finances, obtain information quickly, and engage with people all over the world. shopping online, listening to music, watching videos, and much more.



Since the internet is a worldwide network that connects computers, anyone can use it. From any location with an internet connection, people may share information and converse online. You may manage your finances online, find information instantly, and communicate with individuals all over the world. online shopping, music and video streaming, and many more activities.


The Internet is a huge asset for jobs we perform every day. For example, we may view our emails and notifications. Users can also use the internet to pay and receive money, shop online, place restaurant orders, and more.



Accessibility makes it easier to find the answer for some questions that they have and find more information online.Accessible content is increasingly important as more and more diverse users gain access to the internet. Careful attention to accessibility can accelerate media consumption which may reduce bandwidth consumption. 

How ?

By making internet accessibility around the world different apps pages and websites are made around the world anyone can share their thoughts and information about the internet and other things.so internet is anyone who needs it, a simple smartphone can access the internet as much as this laptop can. While being much easier to transport.

Here attached is an article containing specifics and more information

Does Your Mobile App Work Without An Internet  

photo of stars

Who is the Internet for?

The internet is open to everyone and is for everyone, regardless of who that person may be. Even those who may not have personal access to a device that works with the internet could go to a place such as a library in order to use the internet.

This image displays a man sitting at his desk. He is happily looking at his desktop computer. There are small bubbles above the computer showing what the internet can be used for such as music, games, messaging, etc.



What it means to create something that is “open” is it has the ability to take in contributions from people anywhere and at any time. For instance, people that contribute to the internet’s data help in its improvement and advances. The benefits of leaving a project open are that you can get more data and assistance without even asking for it. There’s a constant flow of information to help the system.


How the internet is open is in the way it can connect people through various mediums such as social media, links, webpages, etc. People can share media with each other using the internet making it open.



Making something “accessible” means that everyone is able to use a product or media with ease. You would want to make something accessible due to moral, legal, and business reasons.


How you make the internet more accessible is by using closed captioning, larger fonts, breaking up text into subsections, using hyperlinks, having a text-to-speech reader, etc. There are many different tools nowadays to ensure that electronic media is able to be consumed by anyone regardless of disability.

Additional Resources

One resource I recommend to learn more about how to be accessible online is this article by Interaction Design Foundation titled “3 Reasons Why Accessible Design Is Good for All.”

Information For All

A hand making a thumbs up gesture is made in front of a grey background. The gesture is done to display positivity, and to describe that something is ok or good.


Why is Openness on the Internet Important?

The internet is a vast place. Home to a plethora of content and information, it is no surprise that the internet plays a large role in the lives of so many people. With millions around the world using the internet to connect with others and to find information, the need for open, free and easily accessible content online is at an all time high. When we keep sources open and free, we allow more people to learn, to educate, and to share information to more people than ever before

How Do We Keep Internet Resources “Open”?

One of the best ways to make sure that openness remains on the internet is by making sure that the content we produce is both free and accessible. When we set a desire for profit aside and allow material, especially educational material, to be freely accessed by a multitude of people, this creates an environment that allows and encourages others to learn and share information. Along with free content, making content online that is accessible for disabled users is necessary when it comes to internet openness.


Why is Accessibility Important?

Everyone deserves access to information online. By making the internet a more accessible place, we make it possible for everyone to access and understand resources, connect with others, and to spread necessary information. By making websites accessible, it reinforces the importance of allowing everyone to have access to the internet. Disabled internet users are deserving of accessible internet content, and working to make resources accessible allows content to be available to both disabled and non-disabled internet users.

How Do We Make the Internet More Accessible?

One of the best ways to ensure accessibility online is by making sure that websites and web pages are accessible for all. One major way to ensure this is by creating websites and web pages that can be understood by screen readers. By using appropriate heading levels, providing images and graphics interchange formats with alternative text descriptions, and by making paragraph text the appropriate font and text size, these are steps that should be taken to ensure that a website or web page can be understood by a screen reader. Yale University goes in depth with discussing the importance of headings and alternative text when it comes to making a web page accessible.