Final Project: Crochet with Katy


To make my website and my videos accessible, I included alt text for all images on my site, manually edited my video captions to make sure they were accurate, and included a transcript for my videos in the posts on my site. I also included headings to make the structure of my posts more accessible, and made sure all my links were attached to descriptive text.

Media Credit

I gave credit to the creators of the music I included in my videos and the websites the music was posted on by accrediting them in posts on my site. I also included the music credits in my video descriptions on YouTube.

Information Accuracy

The information I included in my video is mostly just my personal preferences and basic information about how to crochet. There’s no right or wrong way to crochet, and I know that some people have different techniques, so I presented the information in my video just as my suggestions.


My work is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. I want people to be able to share and modify my work if they want, just as long as they give me credit as the original creator, and don’t use it for commercial purposes.

Link to Website

My website is called Crochet with Katy, you can find it at I might update it with more videos later!

Ty travels episode two coming soon….

For my class final project we had quite a few options to finish our domains. One of the options was continuing one of the series we started on the DGST domain. I decided to add on another episode of Ty travels. I loved telling you about five things you should do in Berlin. I want to tel you about the 5 things to do in Amsterdam, even tho I was it was not my favorite place to visit.

Be on the lookout because the episode will be out very soon and be accessible to everyone!

Using Data to Make a Chart!

This week we learned how to make a charts out of data in excel. We were told to pick any of the UMW grade distributions and then create a chart. After we’re supposed to curate a question that the chart can be used to answer. Don’t mind the top image heading saying “fall 2020”, it’s the right link( school must’ve made a mistake). The way all the downloads look, it seems like the chart titles are labeled one year behind what the data is supposed to be. I chose to make a chart about all the A+ of this certain semester.

Picture of the data that I chose from the umw grades distribution site. I chose the fall of 2020 undergrad grades.
Graph including allof the A's + per course in the spring of 2021.

So what question could you answer with this chart?

The question that I created with this graph is “which course has the highest amount of A over 93%?”. This might not be “which is the easiest class?” because even tho math is really low, it might have a small of amount of people taking the class, so the amount of A+’s is limited.. etc…

How did you achieve this graph?

I copy and pasted the Course letters and then the total number of A’s. But I did about an A-‘s (so basically the graph would only show people who got over a 93%).Then I pasted below the Pre-made chart.Highlighted the new data column that I pasted ,then I clicked insert,I then hovered over chart and chose the 2d column/ clustered column. Don’t use total because I made that mistake and it created an outlier that was a lot bigger than the others. You then have your now graphed data.

For more information and practice making your own graph visit the UMW grade distribution website…..

Data Visualization: Which courses were the most popular last year at UMW?


Bar graph showing that English was the most popular courses were the most popular in Fall 2022, with about 6% of students taking these courses.
Bar graph showing that psychology courses were the most popular in Spring 2023, with about 6% of students taking these courses.

Source material: UMW grade distribution reports 2022 – 2023.


I was curious to find out which courses at UMW were taken by the most students over the past two semesters. Looking at the data I compiled, the top three most popular courses were psychology, English, computer science. This made sense to me, because although I don’t know many students with majors in these areas, I know many people taking classes that fall into these categories to fulfil general education requirements or to pursue a minor.


This was my first time using Excel to create tables and charts, so I did a lot of experimenting, and I messed things up pretty frequently. I went through a couple of ideas that didn’t quite work out before I landed on this one. I used the percentage of students instead of the total number because there was a different total number of students each semester. I excluded classes that had no students, and all FSEM courses, because I wanted to look at classes that were chosen by students, and FSEM courses are required. I don’t like how the data is displayed, because it excludes some courses in between the ones that are labelled on the graph, so you can’t see what all the data represents. I couldn’t figure out how to narrow down my data any more or change the graph so that this was fixed.

Final Project Proposal

The Vision

For my final project, I would like to produce another video for my Crochet with Katy tutorial series, and post it along with my first video on a new crochet-focused subdomain. I feel like I could do a better job than I did the first time, and there was information I was hoping to include in the first video that didn’t make it into the final product. Now that I’m more familiar with the tools I have available, I can’t wait to create a new video!

Video Project: Crochet with Katy


The subject of my video is crocheting. This is one of my favorite hobbies, and I love to teach other people how to get started. Although I learned the basics from my aunt in person, I’ve picked up a lot of new skills through YouTube videos, so I was inspired to give back to the online crochet community.



For this project, I recorded both audio and video with my phone in my apartment, just using the materials I had on hand. It’s a little rough around the edges.


I used Canva to edit my video and add a couple of effects and title cards. I used Soundtrap to put together my audio recordings, music, and sound effects. I decided to upload my video to YouTube, because adding and editing captions was much more accessible than the process on Vimeo, which was pushing paid services.

Thanks to…

Olexy from Pixabay for the music, and an unknown creator on Mixkit for the explosion hit.


Have you ever wanted to make blankets, pillows, coasters, dinosaurs, and so much more? Welcome to Crochet with Katy, I’m gonna go over the two basic things you need to get started with crochet, beginning with the most addictive substance known to man: yarn. That’s right. Yarn comes in different thicknesses, called weights. This is a thin weight, medium weight, and this is a heavy weight. Generally, I recommend heavy weight for beginners, just because it’s easier to see your stitches. Moving on to hooks. Just like yarn, hooks come in different sizes. They’re measured in millimeters, which can be found often on the side of the handle. The packaging of the yarn should tell you what size of hook you need, but generally, the heavier weight of yarn you’re using, the bigger the hook you’re gonna need. That’s all, thanks for watching! I hope you learned something today.

Making Things With Ty

Hey Guys! I made a video to share with you guys, how I make my morning coffee! Before I go into details. The video was supposed to be a minute long, I was under the impression that our personal video could be longer. When I went to reread the the rubric to curate this post, it clearly said 60 seconds. I apologize for it being 2 minutes and I tried to skim it down, but then some of the steps would be cut out. I also felt like if it was shorter, it would give off “very last minutes clutter” type of vibes.

What is this Masterpiece?

In this video, I made a detailed video describing how to make a morning coffee. This is something that I can not leave the house without drinking. The subjects I used in the video was all the ingredients for the coffee, my coffee machine and my roomate.

How did you create this?

I used my iPad to make a quick run down of how I normally make my coffee. I then shot each shot individually and then used Imovie to stitch them together, add music over top, and apply a voice over. I then uploaded to YouTube for a closed caption and full transcript.

Transcript of Video

Welcome to making things with Ty. This week we’re going to make my favorite

thing,morning coffee. For step number one you’re going to want to get your coffee filter and

make sure it’s placed into the coffee pot properly. For step number two you’re

going to grab your measuring tool and measure out three scoops of your

favorite brand of coffee. I like the Trader Joe’s espresso blend. For step number three you’re going to close your machine and prepare to start. Oh we need a Mug. Perfect now you’re going to start with step number three by making sure the settings are correct and then pressing start.

While that’s Brewing we can go ahead and start on our cold foam. Grab your vanilla sweet cream and pour it into a glass then use the frother on the side of the coffee machine to make a

nice foamy consistency. Grab your finished coffee from the coffee pot and slowly pour the vanilla cold foam over top of the coffee. Oh, that’s a little too fast but it’ll be okay. And there you have it,a perfect cup of coffee. Let’s see how my roommate likes it. He loves it. Woo!!!!

Ty Went to Berlin!

I went to Berlin the past week and instead of boring you with a traditional blog post. I made a one minute podcast episode about 5 things to do in Berlin. This includes the a Digital art museum, the Berlin TV tower, parties, the Berlin Wall , and Berlin’s favorite fast food. Due to this having to be one minute, I did has to talk a little bit faster than usual, but after listening to it over and over I still redeem it comprehendible.

How did you create such a masterpiece?!!

I free typed out on a word document about the places I found really cool in Berlin. I wrote down a very short intro, and then wrote one to two sentences about the 5 places I wanted to talk about. I then went to the recording booth at my school and recorded on logic pro. I then took the clip, exported into sound trap and clipped out the silent parts of my audio. I then added free intro and outdo music called “Soothe Triumph r&b” from song starter. I put short clips of the song at the beginning and end and faded them in with my intro and ending. I also had to turn the volume down on the music and turn the volume up on my clip. After about 15 minutes of edit, I generated this masterpiece!

The Podcast

Transcript of the Podcast

Welcome to Thai Travels. This week we talked about 5 things to do in Berlin, a city

home to a large techno scene in a place rich in history. One there’s a digital Art Museum called Black Hole that has breathtaking exhibits. 2GO and check out the remains of the Berlin Wall and you can buy pieces of it at a gift shop. 3 Go and take pictures in front of the Berlin TV Tower. This is the control station of several radio and

TV stations throughout Germany. 4. Go to a club that is suitable for you. Although

Berlin is known for their techno and sex positive scenes, there are so many other kinds

of parties. Bergheim is the world’s largest techno club and one of the hardest to get into, so dress accordingly 5 Don’t leave Berlin without trying a donor The Turkish treat that hits the spot just right. It’s a kebab that is traditionally made with lamour veil, but has adapted to be made in ways like chicken or even vegan. I hope you enjoy your trip and remember to explore. That’s all we have this week on Thai Travels.

I used get your guide to find these cool place. I booked my tickets and then confirmed that the site was legit. To see information and even more spots to check out visit the Get your Guide Website.

My Podcast!

Subject of my audio track

When given this topic, I immediately knew I wanted to talk to my father, Tom Iezzi. He is very informed on the history of the United States, more specifically, about the history of Virginia. I told him the guidelines and told him he could pick any topic he would like to. He ended up going with the Civil War, and what he thinks are the most important events from them.

The Process

To record my audio, I used my phone to record this with a pair of headphones that had a microphone on them. I then used soundtrap to edit my audio. Since we had previously used it in class, I did not have too hard of a time figuring everything out. I used Ben Sounds for both of my audio clips.

Here is the link to my source used to verify the information Tom gave me. I reviewed all the information posted and compared it to the information that I was given. I found that the information Tom gave me was in fact accurate.

Here is a copy of my transcript

Hello, my name is Gracie Iezzi and today I am here with Tom Iezzi who is very knowledgable about the Civil War. Today, we are going to be talking about what he thinks are the three most significant events of the Civil War. The first of the three most important events is Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started. The second most significant event of the American Civil War is Gettysburg. It was a horrific 3 day battle. It was the turning point of the war, and that’s when Lee invaded the North and his plan failed,. It was also where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. The third significant event is Appomattox. This is where the Civil War ended. With General Lee surrendered his army. The war was over and the reunification of the country began. Thank you for your time.


What’s the difference?

I am a digital studies major and no matter what I am always using my computer. Even Im using my iPad to graphically design things, I am clicking on things. So I feel like the clicker icon represents me. I incorporated the clicker into both the site icon and in the header.

What did you do to the icon?

When designing my icon (figure 1), I wanted something simple and minimalistic to match my website theme but I also wanted to add a touch of personalization. The software that I used was Vectr. I took a black clicker shape and made it a little bit more transparent to where it almost appears gray. I then added my the website name to the up corner. I love the color blue and wanted almost a tech blue incorporated. I made the the name blue and added the gradient for added coolness.

What did you do to the header image?

I went to the main setting on the site and found out what dimensions the header needed to be. I then went to the website Canva and started a blank canvas of that size with a gray gradient background. I then typed out my websites name, just to be a starting point. I made it into a cool font to draw the eye straight to it. I made it a cool blue color to match the icon and then incorporated the clicker pattern. I positioned the clicker to make it look like it was clicking on the “T” of the name. I then also added a sub heading to describe the current subdomain, and then to future ones I want to add to the website.

I Hope you all enjoy this new update!

mouse clicker icon with " T Y W H TN " inside
The new site icon. Clicker with the site name inside.
The new site header. Gradient background with a clicker to incorporate the sites icon. I also added below the title, highlights of what I will be using the website for.