Who is the Internet For? Or, Why Openness and Accessibility are Necessary.

E Wiley



Openness allows for a level of transparency between user and creator. Knowing where your information is coming from and being able to discern that is an invaluable asset, especially in an age of


For one, a major step in an open internet is knowing what a webpage is doing as you view it. Is it collecting data? Mouse Clicks? This in addition to other changes such as where the info in that sits within intellectual property domain, and the purpose of the site, allow for a more open and transparent internet.



Accessibility is necessary to allow people of any background and skill level to make use of the internet. With the world progressing further into a digital dependency on not just information, but everything, it is important nobody is left behind.


There are a bevy of ways to make the internet and sites more accessible to everyone. In addition to Alt text on pictures and embedded link, UC Berkley’s IT department lists many great ways to make your website more accessible.

Stock Image of a Raccoon holding an open laptop.
Portrait of a cute raccoon sitting with laptop Isolated on white background

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