Who Is The Internet For?

Accessibility and Openness make it so the internet can be for everyone.



Openness makes for a place where everyone has access to information. Rather than putting up digital fences around information or processes, creating an open space on the internet not only makes for an efficient way to share thoughts and ideas but also opens the door to meaningful collaboration. For more information on the importance and ways to create openness, check out Brad Frost’s TED Talk on openness.


Taking part in creating openness can be as easy as simply sharing what you know online. This can be through sharing information like tutorials, recipes, etc. on social media.

two geese on a pond, one facing toward the camera while there is a side view of the second goose.



Similarly to how it is important to accommodate disabled people so they can have easy accessibility in the physical world, it’s important to create an easily accessible digital space as well to ensure equal access for all users. Not only will accessibility make a website open to a larger audience, but it often has unforeseen advantages for able-bodied folks as well.


Some ways to have good accessibility on a website are to include closed captions on videos or to provide alt text on images.

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