Who is the internet for?

The answer to this…everyone!

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The playing field for the access to information should always be left open. Everyone should have the right to access web-based information. Every person should be able to have quality experiences on the internet with the ever-changing technology driven world that we live in.


It is important to make sure that content created is “open” for public use and we must continue to have and use content that is not trapped behind paywalls. Signing petitions and keeping with the news are important ways to promote the internet’s “openness.”



It is important that the internet is accessible to be able to accommodate as many users as possible. The more accessible things are the more people will be able to use the internet which is constantly changing and becoming more prevalent than ever.


There are many ways to increase accessibility, keeping the internet as open as possible, generating more ways for people with disabilities to continue to have internet usability, and continuing to learn how to make the web more accessible are all important.

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Here attached is an article containing specifics and further information on accessibility .

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