Who is the internet actually for?

Why internet accessibility and Openness are important!



it is in the nature of the internet to be open for everyone regardless of their background. People sharing things on the internet is how it has continued to grow the and is a key reason for the webs success.


When people share thing on the internet they can choose whether or not to leave it open source and when left open others can learn from it and improve upon it. With people constantly benefiting, changing, and improving upon the web it will further progress the web as a whole.



It is important for people with disabilities to be able to use and function on the web. The curb-cut effect is very beneficial and can make everyday life easier showing that not only people with disabilities benefit but everyone else as well.


Things like close captions have been implemented to help people with disabilities, and now people who don’t even have disabilities use it to watch stuff from different countries. Laws have been put into place that make it a requirement to have ways for people with disabilities to be able to use your platform or service.

Picture of a Brain I made for school.

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