What is Real vs Fake on the Internet

(True claim)Dak Prescott will be out for several weeks and will undergo thumb surgery

SIFT evaluation

I= investigate the source

I= investigate the source: After investigating the source they seems very valid, Bleacher report is a trusted news platform whose main focus is sports. Wikipedia contains information about the Bleacher report verifying them as an organization that started in 2005.

F= Find trusted coverage

F= Find trusted coverage: Fox news, CBS,ESPN, and Yahoo sports all have similar stories reporting on Dak’s injury at the same time and place.

T= Trace the claims

T= Trace claims: The game was live on NBC where you can watch Dak get injured, Also Youtube.com has a video of Dak being injured and leaving the playing field. The cowboys also made a statement about the incident

Here there is also a link to ESPN’s report of the story

(False claim) Solar Panels are stealing power from the sun and draining it

SIFT evaluation

I= investigate the source

I= Investigate the source: After investigating I found out that the website is satire and the news isn’t real (the website contained disclaimers)

F= find trusted coverage

F= Find trusted coverage: I looked around for similar articles and found another fake news page containing the exact same report as this one.

T = trace claims

T= Trace claims: Solar panels do not drain the sun, this has been scientifically proven. While solar panels do take and store the sun’s energy they do not drain it during that process.

Link to post confirming this as satire: Here

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