The Internet–Who is it made for?

How does openness and accessibility on the internet help people?



Openness makes gathering new information and skills easier for everyone who is searching the web.


This includes having more information available to everyone by sharing one’s knowledge with others in accessible ways. An example of this is sharing tutorials on various topics to show others how the task is completed step-by-step.

This image shows Flamingos at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. This demonstrates WordPress' openness for sharing images and accessibility through captions and Alt text.
Flamingos at Lincoln Park Zoo – Chicago, IL



Accessibility makes it easier for all types of people to easily access all contents of the internet.


This can be done in numerous ways; some big examples include increasing text sizes in articles and creating search tags for websites, videos, etc, to make them easier to search for.

More Resources

An excellent resource for further discussion on these topics is Brad Frost’s TedTalk, “Creative exhaust, the power of being open by default” (link to YouTube).

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