Real vs Not real

The fake news

Here is the fake article or not really trusted article on why Ken Rocen and HRC honda did not come to agreement for next season. Click here to see.

The real news

Here is the real article about Ken Rozcen and HRC Honda not coming to agreement for next year season. Click here to read more on why they did not come to agreement.


I was able to stop a read each of the sources and was able to determine if they were real and fake. I have never hear of TMX news ever and I race dirt bikes and keep update to everything and I have never heard of them. I know NBC motosports they are very reliable they cover all the dirtbike races on tv an cover other racing events like nascar.


I was able to some investigating and research each of the sources. On wikipedia NBC comes up and it very trusted. I type TMX in wikipedia I nothing comes about the website. I find a bunch of finical stuff.

Find trusted coverages

Find trusted coverages, I was able to fine the real sources and other trusted sources to back up the real source. This was coverd on all the big motocross websites like racer X online and etc.

Trace Claims

Then I was able to trace the real source. Here some information on the real source about NBC Sports.

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