Openness and Accessibility

The internet should be open and accessible to everyone. To allow a future where this is true takes willingness and education.



Over the past 37 years or so, the internet has become a highly integrated part of our society. It is a valuable tool that allows people to create new things, share information, and expand their knowledge. Internet openness and creative collaboration are what allow the Internet to be as free and unbinding as it is today. With internet openness, anyone is free to publish the content they desire and in turn, other people are able to search for and learn from that content.


With the power of different websites and social media such as WordPress, google docs, Twitter, and hundreds of others, anyone is free to write and create what they want. Although social media has its dangers, with some regulation and perspective, it is a wonderful place for millions of people to share what they are passionate about/interested in. Even creating your own website is easy thanks to available apps and helpful videos.

Picture of a Blue and black butterfly on a plant
Blue Butterfly chilling on a plant



The internet is a place everyone should have easy access to if they so choose. Giving people equal access, regardless of their circumstances, only allows for a more developed and insightful environment. Unfortunately, accessibility is not always given priority when it comes to a lot of content. This is why it is important to remember to make your content, whether it’s a video, an article, etc, as accessible to everyone as possible. By doing so, you are not only helping out thousands of people but you are also giving your content the best shot at reaching as many people as it can!


One reason so much content on the internet lacks accessibility is that people don’t know how to include it or they were not aware that it was inadequate. Some ways to provide more accessibility would be to include closed captions, have a text-to-speech option, avoid small and hard-to-read fonts, and avoid overstimulating your work with colors, fonts, etc. There are many articles and videos that provide information on how to make your content more accessible, if interested follow the link to a very informative video on the basics of accessibility on the internet.

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