Find something false, find something true.

Fake source:

The Internet is a confusing space to navigate. One example attached, Fake news on solar use.



Use a moment to stop and review at the article is this first step. Look through the article to find indication that it is a false claim, for example in this article it states below the title that it is, America’s shittiest news source.”


A quick Google search on the internet will show results that this page and article will indicate that this article belongs to a site called, ”National Report” a satirical web news page.

Find Better Coverage:

Here attached is an example of a credible source Real information on solar energy. This site has clear history, contact information, and reliable sources. A secondary google search gives important information on the organization.

Trace Claims:

This example is misleading as it can be shard as an article on social media, tracing claims can be helpful to find the truth. you can trace many facts on solar energy specifically.

True Source:

Real information on solar energy.


Looking at different elements such as the, “.gov”


A google search determines that this page has adequate funding, budget, and a reliable source.

Find Better Coverage:

Other scholarly sources reference this page, and agree with the information.

Trace Claims:

Claims are actuate from this article from further research.

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