who is internet for ?

Everyone has access to the internet since it is a global network that links computers. People can share information and communicate via the internet from anywhere that has an internet connection. You can use the internet to manage your finances, obtain information quickly, and engage with people all over the world. shopping online, listening to music, watching videos, and much more.



Since the internet is a worldwide network that connects computers, anyone can use it. From any location with an internet connection, people may share information and converse online. You may manage your finances online, find information instantly, and communicate with individuals all over the world. online shopping, music and video streaming, and many more activities.


The Internet is a huge asset for jobs we perform every day. For example, we may view our emails and notifications. Users can also use the internet to pay and receive money, shop online, place restaurant orders, and more.



Accessibility makes it easier to find the answer for some questions that they have and find more information online.Accessible content is increasingly important as more and more diverse users gain access to the internet. Careful attention to accessibility can accelerate media consumption which may reduce bandwidth consumption. 

How ?

By making internet accessibility around the world different apps pages and websites are made around the world anyone can share their thoughts and information about the internet and other things.so internet is anyone who needs it, a simple smartphone can access the internet as much as this laptop can. While being much easier to transport.

Here attached is an article containing specifics and more information

Does Your Mobile App Work Without An Internet  

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