Who is the Internet For?

Simple, anyone who wants to use it!

Mount Elbert in Colorado is the highest peak in the whole state.
Mt. Elbert in Colorado, USA.



The Internet is a world of almost infinite knowledge, with most of it being incredibly useful to our society. It should always be available to anyone who wants to access it. Our world today is growing more technology dependent by the second, it is almost necessary to live.


By making sure that our right to the internet is never stripped from us. This can be done by continuing our use of the internet and proving its worth being open to us all. Also, keeping up on current mandates and protesting any boundaries being set up.



It is most optimal to be able to access the internet wherever you are in the world. This is the exact reason we have wifi and such massive coverage all over. The internet can be useful at anytime, so making sure you can get to it anytime, is major.


By continuing to up speeds across the globe and creating different forms of technology that can access the internet. This being for anyone who needs it, a simple smart phone can access the internet as much as this laptop can. While being much easier to transport.

Other Information

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