What is the Importance of “Openness” and “Accessibility” on the Internet?

The internet is a platform that anybody with a cellphone or a computer can access, so it is vital that all users are able to have an equally good experience, especially as we move further into the digital world.

Hands holding a tablet while scrolling through images with a computer in the background.
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Openness is an important part of the internet because it’s a way for users of different backgrounds to share their knowledge on whatever niche subjects they have a lot of information on. Another user with no knowledge on a certain topic may need quick access for research or personal purposes, so by having openness on the internet, there is an infinite surplus of information at any users fingertips.


A great way to create open content is by utilizing a media based sharing website/application that is easy to get on to and use. A great example that has millions of visitors every day is YouTube, which is a free video content creation website that can be visited even without an account. It has all kinds of informational content on it that can be easily located with just a few key search terms in the search bar.



Accessible content is increasingly important as more and more diverse users gain access to the internet. Many people have issues that affect certain abilities that makes them unable to enjoy content the same as other people, such as: visual, auditory, and physical impairments, alongside many learning disabilities. It is morally correct to make content for people no matter what problems they may have, but regardless of that, typically when businesses make their content more user-friendly, its beneficial for everyone.


There are a couple of tools to keep in mind when making a website more accessible, such as closed captions on videos, subtitles on TV shows and movies, text to speech applications for websites, and alternative text on images.

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