The Trustworthiness of the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition’s Website

What is the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition?

The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is, as defined on The Coalition website, “a group of community members who are dedicated to addressing issues related to housing, transportation and economic development in Fredericksburg.”

My understanding of the organization based on the lateral reading research I’ve done is that it is a group of citizens in Fredericksburg who are advocating to preserve the city’s infrastructure.

Is The Coalition website trustworthy?

It was difficult to find any information about the coalition that didn’t just link back to their website. I searched “Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition” on Facebook to see if there was a group or account made for the organization. When I couldn’t find one, I tried “The Coalition” with the city set to Fredericksburg, Virginia, but I still couldn’t find anything.

However, I was able to find an article from The Free Lance-Star about a proposed ADU ordinance failing in a vote at the Fredericksburg City Council meeting, and the article recognized the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition’s position on the issue while also hyperlinking The Coalition website. The Free Lance-Star has also mentioned the coalition’s concerns with the ordinance in an earlier article about the Council’s “first read of [the] ordinance that would permit [ADUs].”

I think the fact that our established, principal local newspaper included The Coalition website in their article means it’s somewhat trustworthy, but based on the group’s online presence altogether, it’s difficult to determine the true credibility and trustworthiness of The Coalition website. With no other sources to link The Coalition website to the group itself, there’s no way someone with no knowledge of the group could trust that website to be the actual website for the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition group.

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