The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

What is it?

The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is a group of community members actively engaged in their community to try and address issues. Some the issues that the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition address are housing, transportation, and economic development. The overall goal of the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is to promote policies and initiatives that improve the quality of life for the people that live in the Fredericksburg community.


When I first got to the website it appeared to have a weird layout and not very descriptive. The information on the website seems trustworthy, but the cartoon characters and how the website is laid out seems a bit unprofessional. Overall, the website appears to be trustworthy even with unprofessionalism of their overall website.

Canal Quarter

The Canal Quarter helped me evaluate the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition. While reading this website it confirmed that they are organizations out their in the community that are willing to help neighborhoods grow and develop. The Canal Quarter works with local business within the Fredericksburg community. The Canal Quarters mission is to make a new district vision for growth and development of local businesses.

Community Council hiding ADU agenda

The Hyperbole discusses the city’s ADU planning to make housing more affordable in the Fredericksburg Community. The Fredericksburg City Council talks about the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition and call the city councils proposed ordinance a “grave threat” to the character and charm of the city’s neighborhood. Their website shows high density urban areas and cranes lowering impromptu apartments made from shipping containers into neighborhoods. The Fredericksburg City council also created agendas under obscure names such as “Managers Report.”

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