Evaluating “The Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition”

Link to the evaluated site: “The Coalition.”

A brief description of the organization:

The Coalition, as I understand it from the initial website, is a community based group dedicated to addressing housing related issues, as well as transportational and economic. Looking further to outside sources, the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition is a group started by Fredericksburg residence to find a way to balance the amount of short term rental housing and single family homes. Renting is up in Fredericksburg, and they are looking to stop the zoning of ADU’s to prevent their single family homes being turned to rentals. They are looking to local officials to do something about this crisis. 

Two sites that assisted me in my evaluation: 

Community Group Alleges City Council Hiding ADU Agenda

This website elaborates on how ADU’s will be introduced as a means of making Fredericksburg housing more affordable. It covers the reasons for the coalition as it explains the problem of short-term rentals and the locals disdain for them as they threaten the “character” and “charm” of the city.  This particular site gave more insight into the how’s and why’s of the coalitions origins and objectives.

Fredericksburg City Council to vote on first read of ADU ordinance

This webisite covered the logistics to what the Fredericksburg city council is voting on in terms of zoning ADU’s . It expresses the fears of the coalition, such as when they state that the “Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition believe that the proposed ADU ordinance will encourage developers to buy up the city’s stock of single-family homes and convert them to rentals.” they provide facts connected to this fear, like how Fredericksburg has the highest rental rate in the state of Virginia. They also link to the initial site evaluated, thus aiding in its validation.

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