Accessibility: It just makes sense.

Accessibility and openness is a common sense super power for collaboration and creative solutions.



The web has a bidirectional nature that allows the user to use and produce work all on the same platform. This allows for complete openness on both ends, making it possible for others to edit, use, and develop the work that the user puts out and vice versa.


The way to make content open is by making it public, i.e. posting every stage of whatever it is you’re working on. Even though rough drafts are ugly sometimes, the benefits that come from openness outweigh the shame of a rocky start.

Double rainbow in front of a wall of clouds.
Double rainbow in the Burg.



Accessibility benefits all users because it gives each person equal access to the work that happens online. It also benefits the work itself because it allows for criticism and suggestion from diverse perspectives that make it better.


Closed caption, alternate text on images and text to speech tools are all ways to make virtual content more accessible to those with disabilities, but also provides easier access for everyone else. Some websites, like WordPress, have software that allows you to test the accessibility of your desktop, and step by step instructions on maximizing access to content online.

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