Something True, Something False


I picked an article that is based upon song lyrics. People speculating who is ‘Becky’ Beyoncé refers to in her song ‘Sorry’.


Although filled with a bit of controversy – Elite Daily is a hot topics and pop culture site that is geared to millennials. It is also nice that they include links to their claims.


When searching who wrote the song – it is cited that Beyoncé had two co-writers. I believe this brings credibility to this Elite Daily fact checking ‘Who is Becky?’ where it states that co-writer Diana Gorden knows no knowledge of who any Beck is other than it is a metaphor.


My trace claim began with the album itself because I own it. In the book sleeve – in fact the co-writers are credited with the art. I think that it is more believable that they are just lyrics provided to spark this very speculation. There is also an article by reputable news outlet Entertainment Weekly. Weekly has been cited by Elite Daily for an interview with singer-songwriter Gorden and she laughs at the idea of Becky being one person in particular.


The article I think is false is a story about students being stranded by a bus driver demanding gas money.


For one – these claims are made on Twitter where anyone can post what they want openly. The page @DailyLoud is a self proclaimed hip-hop based page that is known to post viral clips, memes, parodies and more.


When doing a quick google search for this title – it does not appear on any reputable site. It only shows up on pages that are meant to be funny or post a lot of jokes. There is no trusted coverage on this article. What does appear is other many comments saying that this is the same dude that appears in many other videos that are spoofs.


A major trace claim when someone could be trying to figure out if a news story is true or not is it does not have a water mark across it showing the name of a known parody site. You can not find any trace claims for this story. This parody also appears on another spoof news cite. This cite is not credible and adds to the support of it being false.

Who is the internet for?

The internet is for all and everyone!

Original painting or a woman of color. Her legs sit in the dirt as roots. Her arms as branches that hold the leaves to her afro.
Painting from a friend


Creating something in the open means that it is freely available for others to modify and use.


Openness works best when people are willing to collaborate. Coming together for a common goal in the open solves problems faster,


Being able to receive feedback from others is valuable. Being able to make suggestions and / or add insight to what is working as a whole is useful as well. Ever heard the saying two being better than one?


When discussing accessibility – we are discussing EVERYONE. Including those with disabilities.


You can actively work on being inclusive by taking into consideration people with disabilities. These thoughts of care make any product available for all to use with ease.


Making products and services accessible are not only morally right – it could lead to the curb-cut effect. This is when while making something accessible for a set group of people you find that a larger group of people benefit as well. One may make products accessible by polling large groups of people with a specific need.


Hello everyone, Im a transfer Junior at UMW and major in Theatre. I enjoy music, film and photography as well so I am excited to learn and grow in this digital studies class.