New Logo

KD with "Kathryn Durham" on top of the KD
Kathryn Durham logo, created in Canva

What and Why

This logo has my initials and my name on it since it is MY blog. I chose to use my name and initials because it is a good representation of who I am. I chose this black and pink simple design because I liked the way it looks and how aesthetically pleasing it is.

The process

I used canva to create the logo, I played around with different fonts and color blocking in order to create this simplistic design.

Copyright, Header Image and Site Icon Image

Copyright Info

  • I chose to have all rights belonging to me, because I did not want someone else to have rights to my posts made on my subdomain.

Header Image

Ocean image with rocks and waves, taken from birds eye view

I chose this header from “” which is a royalty free site.

Site Icon Image

Gold circle logo, in the circle is a sun and some waves

I chose this site icon image also from “”.

Kathryn’s Digital Corner

When attempting to select a blog title I was stumped, I asked chatGPT and it supplied me with a list of options, when I inputed the question: “What should I name my blog, my name is Kathryn Durham. I am a senior at the University of Mary Washington and I am majoring in Communications and Digital studies”

Below I copied the list: I found a lot of these interesting and very universal.

  1. “Digital Insights with Kathryn Durham”
  2. “Mary Washington Comm Connect”
  3. “Kathryn’s Comm Corner”
  4. “UMW Communication Chronicles”
  5. “The Digital Scholar Blog”
  6. “Kathryn’s Comm Endeavors”
  7. “Mary Washington Media Maven”
  8. “Kathryn’s Campus Comm Spotlight”
  9. “Navigating the Digital Age with Kathryn”
  10. “UMW Comms & Culture Chronicles”