Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

About the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

I am evaluating the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition.. This organization aims to limit the number of renters in the Fredericksburg area and increase the amount of single-family home buyers to lower housing costs, making Fredericksburg more affordable.

Evaluating Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition’s Credibility

I evaluated the site by reading the Free Lance Star’s article on Fredericksburg’s housing situation. This article helped me evaluate the Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition because it pointed out more pressing issues that are contributing to the housing crisis and how the FNC is not focusing on what’s causing the high rate of renters.

I also navigated to an article on the website Hyperbole, explaining how the FNC called out the Fredericksburg City Council for ADU (accessory dwelling units) agenda abuses. This shows that the FNC is very involved in local politics concerning their issue.

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