Telling a story with data

ASSUMPTION: The number of “A” grades given out by a department is in direct relationship to the amount of rigor required by the students

ASSUMPTION: More “As” mean less rigor

What I have inferred from the data

The three departments with the least amount of rigor at the University of Mary Washngton University are:

  • Data source:

My process of working with data and creating my graphs

  • The process was straightforward and fairly easy to follow. Working with EXCEL and converting my data sheet to a graph was simple and required no additional assistance.
  • Posting my graph in my domain was straightforward: I highlighted the graph, “cut and pasted” it on a Powerpoint slide which I “cut and pasted” here.

Final Digital Studies Project

For my final project in Digital Studies 101, I plan to build on the work I have completed in class and build out my main domain. My intent is to write about those things that interest me or that I have experienced.

The image shows me standing in my little "quiet corner of the world." I am standing on the balcony of the Das Tegernsee hotel holding a glass of  "Tegernsee Hell." Behind me are the beautiful Bavrian mountains and lake Tegernsee.

My experiences/travels through Bavaria/Austria

  • Create a podcast
  • Create a video
  • Add Images

My thoughts on films and literature

  • Add images
  • Add reviews/thoughts
  • Add cuts from films
  • Create a podcast


  • Follow all accessibility guidelines taught this semester
  • Give credit to the creator of any material under copyright
  • Media/source credit
  • Ensure information accuracy
  • License my work
  • Incorporate the feedback the Professor provides on the project idea post

Fredericksburg Hardware Store

The purpose/content of this video:

  • This historical video provides the viewer with an understanding of Fredericksburg past
  • The area where the hardware store used to be is now a wonderful community

The Process of making this video

  • Learned allot!
  • Once gain it is the small things, making sure that your default APPS have been reset so that you can download your video.
  • Overall, the KAPWING software was easy to us
  • The most difficulty encountered was with the close caption and the VIMEO upload


  • KAPWING software was used for all video/audio editing. Along with the use of one of their musical selection.
  • For the video portion I used a Samsung Fold 5 camera
  • For the Video I used a head set and recorded directly into TAPWING. I cleaned up the audio with KAPWING’s audio feature.
  • Kari L. Everett provided the voice for the audio
  • The Free Lance Star provided the images of the Hardware Store, President Bush and the Harware store shopper.

The script:

  • The Fredericksburg Hardware store was a fixture of the city from 1914 to 2004.  Visited by Presidents touting the value of small business and by the local population alike, the store was the heartbeat of the city for 90 years.     
  • The site is now the location of a popular restaurant and Amelia Square, a small residential community built on the block of William and Winchester streets.  Walking along the old site, the stories still resonate throughout the city.  The store was a place where people went to shop and to catch up on the news of the local area with neighbors and friends. 
  • The store built relationships with its customers and kept a devoted list of clients who shopped there for decades. Speak to a native of Fredericksburg and they will tell you about being brought to the store as a child.  More than just a place to pick up supplies, it was a real institution for the community.
  • The Fredericksburg Hardware Store may be gone, but in the hearts and minds of many who live in Fredericksburg, the business will be a fond memory to pass on to their families.

The Salzburg, Austria Christmas Market

The image shows the Salzburg Christmas market. The center of the image shows the booths of the artisans sellingtheir

The subject of my audio track is the wonderful Salzburg Christmas Market and why it is one of the best in Europe. Salzburg is truly a very special place throughout the year but, it is even more special during Christmas. There is something for everyone.

I found the process of recording very difficult. The SOUNDTRAP software offered a variety of soundtracks and audio editing options but, I found that trying to manipulate the audio track and the sound tracks very difficult and eventually could not get the timing to my satisfaction. I used a sound booth at the Hurley Convergence Center along with my HP headset microphone to record.

I used the following sources in my research to validate my assertions :

Both audio sound tracks, background noise of Hamburg Christmas Market and the piano bells courtesy of SOUNDTRAP.

  • TRANSCRIPT OF AUDIO TRACK: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening to my podcast. The subject of today’s podcast is a 2023 Salzburg Christmas Market. The most beautiful in Austria. Salzburg is known as the city of Mozart, and in my opinion it’s also the city of Cappuccino. At the Salzburg Christmas market you can experience both. You can listen to classical Mozart while wandering around the Christmas stalls and taking a break with delicious cappuccino. Situated in front of Salzburg Cathedral with glimpses of the famous Holland Salzburg fortunes it lies above, Christmas in Salzburg is traditional, musical and magical. In the heart of Salzburg, the Christmas mark creates an authentic festive experience. You’ll be surrounded by aromas of gingerbread, warm spice wine called glue line and Hardy Austrian street food. The dates for the Salzer Christmas market are 23 November to the 1st of January 2024. Thank you for your attention.

The meaning of my graphics:

This graphic depicts the coat of arms of the city of Tegernsee in Southern Bavaria as its’ center motif. I selected this design it represents a very special place for my wife and me. I spend most of my summer days with my wife enjoying the beauty of this part of the world.

The image was created using Vector software, which was very easy to use. I imported the graphic of the coat of arms and added the gradient background along with a blue starburst and a green vine to the left border.

Image shows the lake Trgernsee city crest depicting four separate fields, two fields with three golden crowns each and two fields with a sea flower. The background shows a blue starburst, and the left side framed in a green vine.

Copyright license.

Why I chose the copyright license that I did:

  • I chose a somewhat restrictive copyright as I did not want my postings/images to be used for other than what they are intended: a nonpolitical domain presented for enjoyment and knowledge.
  • However, in the spirit of “openness,” should you wish to use my postings/images for purposes in violation of my copyright license, feel free to contact me directly.
  • I hope this will facilitate your viewing pleasure.