Evaluate The Trustworthiness of a Website

Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition

This website explains how this organization gathers information for neighborhoods in Fredericksburg, Virginia so that they can respond to issues affecting them as a united front. They deal with issues relating to housing, transportation, and economic development. They aim to improve the quality of life for Fredericksburg residents while maintaining its character and livability.



This website is another one for Fredericksburg Neighborhood Coalition that also discusses what the coalition does and some of the issues they want to resolve. People can also get the most recent news through this site as well as donate to the organization. This website helped me evaluate the site because it has a lot of the same information and discusses the same issues.

This is an article from the Free Lance Star guest column where a member of the coalition is discussing how they put signs up around town opposing the city’s proposed ordinance. This ordinance is allowing an apartment, called an (AUD), to be added to most single-family detached homes. This website helped me evaluate the site because if a real person is posting through the local news paper about the signs they have been putting up and the issues they have been trying to resolve it makes the website more credible.

Who is the internet for?



You want to make open content on the web so that everyone is able to post and interact with others through various platforms and so that all people are able to communicate freely over said network. It’s also a way for people to share and reuse data so everyone can benefit from it and get more or better information.


There are many different tools and methods that can be used when trying to make content on the web/ internet more open. One way is through global sharing, and stepping away from centralized points of control. Over time we have also developed new technology which move data clusters and resolve domain names so that anyone is open to use them for any reason. You can find more information through this internet openness PDF from internetnz.



You would want to make the internet accessible to everyone so that wither the person is disabled or not they are still able to access and interact with web content.


The internet is more accessible for disabled people by things such as screen readers, captions, and transcript audio.

This image depicts how internet accessibility is inclusive for everyone such as people who are blind, deaf, or have impaired vision.

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