Accessibility and Openness for the modern world

Disability icon painted in a parking space.
Image by: Jakub Pabus @

What is accessibility?

For many of us “accessibility” is not something we think much about on a daily basis, unless you or someone you know has a disability that affects their ability to use computer based media. Advancements in improving accessibility for the disabled have however directly benefited society as a whole over the years. Some of these considerations are now so commonplace that they are transparent to us in our daily lives.
Accessibility can be in the form of something physical such as a design consideration in a building or a sidewalk

How can we do it?

It can be in technology based such as Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired, a web reader for the visually impaired, or voice to text technologies allowing those with mobility issues to work and communicate via tech based systems the same as anyone who is able bodied. Construction considerations can allow improved accessibility in buildings for those less mobile .

Why should we?

In the end, keeping “accessibility” in mind when creating both media content and physical structures not only benefits those who may be seen as having a direct need, it can also benefit us all by providing creative solutions to many different challenges.


Openness in the internet realm can be described simply as working in the public space, in such a way that what and how you are doing something can be viewed or emulated by anyone who happens across your work.

How can we be “Open”?

Being open is a personal choice. Working independently is the first step. Choose places to host your content that do not demand to have ownership of your content.

Why be open?

Allowing your work to be open on the internet allows nearly limitless collaboration. The benefits can be profound from aid in development to creating something that may have far reaching benefits for others. Allowing your work to be seen by others means you may not make a profit on your work but this certainly an altruistic act.

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